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Our Mentoring Program Workshop


A Guide to Mutual Mentoring, Sharing and Learning


This three-hour workshop presents mentoring as the highest form of learning and a wonderful opportunity to not only teach and educate but also learn and share experiences with another person. A successful mentoring partnership can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience for both the mentor and mentee because both parties gain new insights into tackling challenges and can share the rewards of success together.


In the session, we will cover through discussion and examples


The Proud Tradition of Mentoring

Benefits of A Successful Mentoring Partnership

Characteristics / Traits of Effective Mentors

Core Skills That Every Mentor Needs to Bring to The Relationship

How to Initiate A Mentoring Relationship

How to Establish Simple Mentoring Goals and A Program of Coaching

How to Listen, Present Advice and Provide Corrective Solutions

How to Use Positive Reinforcement and Situational Analysis

How to Overcome / Address Typical Mentoring Relationship Challenges

When and How to Conclude the Relationship

Plus, Much More.


Core Outcomes


To launch a basic pilot program of mentoring so that the program will succeed and eventually expand throughout the organization.


To empower mentors to become effective communicators, teachers and listeners.


To ensure mentors are properly oriented to initiate a mentoring relationship.


To inspire mentors how to really succeed at mentoring.


Training time (3.0 hrs) plus (1.0 hr) follow-up session (optional but suggested)


The follow-up session would be to identify any challenges that the mentoring group has identified and as a group discuss solutions. This session provides a teambuilding opportunity for this initial core group of mentors.





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