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Since 1994, we have been presenting workshops, seminars and keynote and plenary presentations to a wide clientele that have included retirement and long-term care homes.


Additionally, we have presented motivational presentations to your volunteers at your volunteer recognition events. Training has been presented often in the form of in-services to both staff and leadership.


Connecting to Communicate: Building Teamwork with Communication!


This interactive workshop aims to meld communication and teamwork into one great learning event for staff. Through various group exercises and intermingled with lots of humour and insights, we learn that teams thrive of communication, familiarity and mutual understanding and gratitude. This workshop would be perfect for larger teams or teams that work apart from other teams.


Making A Difference Everyday!

(Three Part In-service Series - Positive Spirit / Attitude)


The series of in-services will emphasize that all staff should make it their service and team / workplace mission to be a daily difference maker.  Participants will discover that they really have the power to make a positive contribution every day and in doing so build a healthy, supportive and positive workplace. We place an emphasis on creating a resident centered program in which the result of a team-based work environment ensures the happiness and support the residents have earned.


Module One


Theme: You Have the Power to Make the Difference


The first module exams how personal attitude is a personal choice so choose an attitude that is positive, adaptable, cooperative, collaborative, kind and sensitive and become a real contributor to your home facility.


Module Two


Theme: Working Together to Create A Great T.E.A.M.


The second module suggests that great teams are comprised of great people who by their daily example and positive behaviours create a great team environment.


Module Three


Theme: Creating A Caring, Supportive Workplace


The final module suggests that we achieve so much more when we work together to create a great home environment for our residents.




Stepping into Leadership: How to Lead with Confidence!


Leadership is a workplace privilege that when it is presented fairly, equitably and with respect can build and strengthen relationships. This workshop outlines how to step into the role of leading with confidence and success. An excellent workshop for those who have taken on a role as a supervisor or manager or as a designate when the supervisor or manager are away.



Workplace Personalities and How to Work with Them


Every workplace has its daily challenges and often we discover that our co-workers will have different personalities and approaches to their work and co-workers. It is a unique world and we are all unique bringing with unique perspectives, lifetime experiences, emotional developments and societal / familiar backgrounds. This workshop examines the core different human personalities and how to effectively work with and collaborate with them.



Assertiveness Not Aggressiveness!


Discover how to be more assertive in your communication style while maintaining all the important elements of a productive relationship. Discover the four key assertive stages in fair, respectful and mutually productive communication. Learn that assertiveness is based on fairness, preparedness, clarity and a desire to work towards positive outcomes.



The Leader's Communication Toolbox


A new three-hour intensive workshop that explores and provides solutions for those in positions of leadership to...

- Know the root causes of misunderstandings

- See the effects of emotions on judgment and interpretation

- Learn about "foot in mouth" disease i.e. Speaking without forethought

- Recognize assumptive communication i.e. "I thought you knew..."

- Apply constructive evaluation /instruction / not criticism

- Use applied assertiveness and "confident" talk when needed

- Improve interviewing and assessing skills

- Develop a five-minute power coaching / connecting approach

- Use the power of praise as a motivational tool.




The Art of Delegation: How to Delegate Responsibility with Respect.


Delegation is a critical leadership skill and one that cannot be ignored. To delegate responsibility with respect builds great people and great teams. In this workshop we will define what delegation really means and how it frees supervisors, managers and those who lead to manage and empowers staff with valuable workplace skills. We'll examine the appropriate attitude and approach to delegating and how to ensure we clearly define the tasks required. It is a step-by-step how to workshop for any level of leadership experience and if learned and applied, will create a more productive and skilled staff and workplace able to be more responsive and service focused. 





Presentations for Your Volunteers (45 minutes)


The Eight Magic Choices of a Fulfilling Life!


Your volunteers make the magic choice to volunteer for your organization, reward them with a presentation that outlines the wonder of the powerful choices we make in life. This uplifting presentation is group favourite, any particularly of seniors as they all relate to simplicity and common sense of the “choices”. Laced with humour, this presentation is sure to please and it’s a great way to show your volunteers you care and that you appreciate them.  



Believe and Succeed: How Faith Shapes Our Destiny!


Before the realization of an accomplishment, lays our ability to take action based on faith. This powerful presentation is more than about having a positive outlook and spirit in life but having a faith that drives us to all do good in life.



The Power of Positive People!


What the world needs more and more than every day are people driven by that unstoppable positive outlook. Perfect for volunteers of all ages as it rewards and recognize the power of positive effort and that of people who choose to contribute.



Making A Difference: Celebrating & Recognizing the Value of Volunteerism & Contribution!


This is a presentation that simply celebrates the very best of our community and that of humanity and of those who contribute with their hearts and hands. Beginning with a discussion on our heroes in life to how being a volunteer makes you a hero in the life of others.




Additional Motivational / Educational Presentations


All for One, One for All: Teambuilding for Success


This motivation presentation places an emphasis on the personal choices we make at work and how those positive choices in time influence the overall atmosphere and morale of those around us.



And Other Duties as Assigned!


Packed full of practical and common-sense tips, real life solutions and positive outlooks, this is a very popular presentation for any audience. A big plus is that it is a buffet style presentation and that there is something for everyone.



How to Communicate Effectively, Clearly and Positively!


EVERYONE, in every stage in life, personally and professionally needs to communicate clearly to ensure mutual success in their life’s endeavors. A great presentation if improving communication is high on your list of priorities.




If your home is planning in-services, leadership / supervisory workshops or a program of lunch and learns for staff / management or looking to develop a professional development calendar throughout the year, then I would be very pleased to hear from you.




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