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How to Communicate Effectively, Clearly and Positively!


Truly effective interpersonal communication is at heart of mutually beneficial relationships.

This motivational presentation presents common sense and easy applied solutions to ensure improved communications skills both in your professional life and your personal life.

Remember...as you improve your communication skills you ultimately improve interpersonal relationships and your quality of life!



Connecting to Communicate: Building Teamwork with Communication!


This interactive workshop aims to meld communication and teamwork into one great learning event for staff. Through various group exercises and intermingled with lots of humour and insights, we learn that teams thrive of communication, familiarity and mutual understanding and gratitude. This workshop would be perfect for larger teams or teams that work apart from other teams.


Workplace Personalities and How to Work with Them!


Every workplace has its daily challenges and often we discover that our co-workers will have different personalities and approaches to their work and co-workers. It is a unique world and we are all unique bringing with unique perspectives, lifetime experiences, emotional developments and societal / familiar backgrounds. This workshop examines the core different human personalities and how to effectively work with and collaborate with them.



Assertiveness Not Aggressiveness!


Discover how to be more assertive in your communication style while maintaining all the important elements of a productive relationship. Discover the four key assertive stages in fair, respectful and mutually productive communication. Learn that assertiveness is based on fairness, preparedness, clarity and a desire to work towards positive outcomes.



STOP That Stinkin' Thinkin'...Now!


We are the sum and quality of our thoughts and a happier, more productive and optimistic life begins in thinking thoughts that take us forward. This enlightening workshop asks each student to consider the value of "positively focused" thinking. A process of countering and overcoming negative thinking immediately, reframing and redirecting thoughts and becoming more optimistic in your life, career, relationships in yourself.



Stepping into Leadership: How to Lead with Confidence!


Leadership is a workplace privilege that when it is presented fairly, equitably and with respect can build and strengthen relationships. This workshop outlines how to step into the role of leading with confidence and success. An excellent workshop for those who have taken on a role as a supervisor or manager or as a designate when the supervisor or manager is away.



Optimum Collaboration: How We Work Together to Achieve Excellence!


Discover the results that we can all achieve when we all work together in this motivational workshop. Learn how to create a productive team and an effective client centric collaborative effort that builds team spirit and build better relationships with our customers. Develop a "willing partnership" with everyone in your workplace or job site. Create a workplace attitude and build a real team attitude that ensures improved morale and a right mix between consistent professionalism AND a sense of reward and fun in the work we do.

The Communication Toolbox

There can be no doubt how counterproductive miscommunication and misunderstandings can cost us both personally and professionally. Discover common sense solutions to ensuring you minimize typical communication problems and build the basis of better interpersonal communication.




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