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Fee Schedule (Effective June 1st, 2020)



What Are His Fees?


Each fee for presentation / seminar / workshop considers the following criteria...


Amount of required research, development of materials and preparation time

The number of participants expected to be in attendance

The needs of the client and learning dynamic of the audience

The size and number of handouts (if required or requested)

Travel and accommodation expenses (if applicable)

Additional customization of presentation or inclusion if requested

The financial constraints and budgetary considerations of the client

Any winter or seasonal travel demands


Also, non-profit organizations and associations with financial and budgeting constraints are presented special consideration and payment for services is negotiable. Basic costing for most organizations starts at a competitively modest $150.00 / hour pending discussion of the above criteria. Larger audiences and groups can reasonably expect a slightly higher fee.



The fees range from


100.00 to 300.00 for a 30- 45 - 60 minute motivational / business / educational presentation.


150.00 to 250.00 for conference break-out sessions


Workshop and seminar fees may range from

250.00 to 375.00 to 500.00 - 750.00 for a half and full day formats.


Teambuilding Sessions*

150.00 - 250.00 - 60 to 120 minutes.

*Slightly more for larger groups.


Plenary / keynote presentation fees to groups to as many as 1500 people

250.00 -1200.00 for a 45 - 60 - 90 minute presentation.


Specialty service fees for Blue Sky sessions / Strategic Planning / Visioneering Retreats - 500.00 - 750.00 per day.


NEW ON-LINE Webinars and presentations - Negotiable



Fees include all materials and handouts.

Fees are subject to periodic review and revision.



The above fees will vary and are all subject to negotiation depending of the criteria above or under certain circumstances. Due to the increased cost of fuel, travel expense is billed at rate of 0.50 per km to and from London, Ontario.





These fees are just guidelines to assist in the budgeting of the clients speaking and training needs.

For smaller non-profits and charities, we have negotiated an honorarium that is affordable to their needs and ability to pay.











We recommend that you book or reserve your preferred date(s) as far in advance as possible even if well before you have selected a topic(s).


To better to facilitate the process we DO NOT require a deposit, nor do we insist on the signing of a contract but we do ask if you need to cancel that we are contacted as soon possible and at least 14 days in advance of the engagement.





Weather Issues



We speak all year round and endeavour to consider all issues around weather related travel issues especially over the winter months. In cases in which the winter weather presents travel issues or even road closures, we reserve the right to present remedies such as requesting accommodation for the night before or after the engagement at what will be invoiced as an extra expense to the client.


We will make every attempt to carefully watch for weather or travel issues and will advise accordingly with the client as the best course of action.

Generally speaking, if the weather or travel is undesirable or unadvisable for us, then it could be the same for those attending your event and rescheduling might be the best strategy.




Rescheduling Events


We will happily accommodate any request for rescheduling an engagement as best as we can. We enjoy a very full schedule every year (200 plus engagements) but often we are able to determine a mutually convenient date for rescheduling.



Should you be interested in discussing your training and presenting needs, I would be very delighted to hear from you.


Our Contact Information/ Booking Availability

E-mail: info@michaellewistraining.com

Internet: www.michaellewistraining.com

Telephone: (519) 453-4264 (London, Ontario)



Proudly Canadian.

We are located in London, Ontario.




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