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Featured Seminars and Workshops


The following seminars and workshops are typically offered and delivered between two and three hours. Content and delivery methodology can be adjusted to fit into a two-hour delivery window or delivered as normal to fit up to a three-hour window.



Achieving Balance: Developing Personal Effectiveness and Self-Management!


Balancing a busy personal and professional life, along with your family time, hobbies and interests and even your familial obligations is a challenge that we all face and or will face even more as we all grow older. This seminar suggests some common sense strategies that you can use today to achieve a better balance.



Making Meetings Work: How to Organize And Conduct Effective, Productive Meetings!


Meetings are humorously defined as events where minutes are kept and hours are lost. Making meetings work is about drafting a design and system that will work every time and that everyone’s time is well invested.


Optimum Collaboration: How We Work Together To Achieve Excellence!


Discover the results that we can all achieve when we all work together in this motivational workshop. Learn how to create a productive team and an effective client centric collaborative effort that builds team spirit and build better relationships.


Workplace Personalities And How To Work With Them!


Every workplace will have its challenges and one of those challenges is working with other people with sometimes, very different personalities. Discover how to recognize the different personalities you need to work with and how to work with them for improved workplace harmony.




Strategies For Communicating Effectively, Assertively And Cleary!


A wonderful workshop that inspires us to learn how to communicate more effectively and with respect so that others will listen, learn and respond!

Learn the value of how to "listen, think, and speak"…in the only order possible.

Learn how to deal with anger and hostility and how it influences how we communicate.

Discover how to really listen when other speak.

Develop learn about rapport and how communication build relationships.

Learn how communicate to difficult people.

Learn how communication can resolve conflicts

Discover how to become more assertive when they need to.

Develop an understanding of how to get your message across clearly.





The Abundant Life "Buffet"!


Our approach for this workshop is to present a wide range of skills with something to satisfy everyone.

Our common threads will be on improving communication between people and inside team environments, working together and collaboration, developing a positive attitude and a philosophy of gratitude as an outlook in life, tolerance and sensitivity to people of different approaches to work. The day concludes with a session on how we can all work together to ignite more joy and purpose in our careers and support the people we support with greater purpose.



The Communication Toolbox

There can be no doubt how counterproductive miscommunication and misunderstandings can cost us both personally and professionally. Discover common sense solutions to ensuring you minimize typical communication problems and build the basis of better interpersonal communication.



Building the Winning Team: A Guide to Hiring, Training and Keeping Great Employees!

Great employees can make all the difference when it comes to providing quality work and exceptional service. This motivational workshop provides numerous useful tips and great common-sense advice on how to interview, hire, train, lead, motivate, reward and retain employees so that they contribute to your business success. Discover how to get that competitive advantage, grow your business and reduce your employee "headaches". Learn how to place your effort into ensuring your employees are working competently and collaboratively as a team.



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