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Typically delivered as presentations between 45-90 minutes, there is time flexibility designed into the content and modules so actual presentation time can be of the clientís choice. Ready to go, balanced for a wide range of audiences and audience tested. These presentations are always delivered with great enthusiasm.




Dealing with Difficult People: Seven Simple Steps to Success!


A mountain cannot get any bigger, but we can. We can learn how to scale and conquer our people mountains. Throughout your personal and professional life, we will all have to deal at some time with difficult and challenging people and personalities. In most cases, we struggle with the skills we learned based on our past experiences and sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fail to be effective and thus our feelings of disempowerment with difficult people are reinforced. This is an inspiring and often humourous presentation presents seven very basic and common-sense solutions to enact when you find yourself having to go toe to toe with that special person.



Bringing Back the Renewed Attitude of Gratitude and The Culture of Courtesy!


Whatever happened to folks just extending genuine courtesy to each other? Being pleasant and agreeable in public settings and employing simple gratitude such as a timely and genuine thank-you. Our ability to demonstrate gratitude to be polite and thoughtful is a simple and immediate reflection of our character and who we are. This inspiring presentation will have you immediately examining the world around you and noticing the lack of genuine appreciation and courtesy and then doing something about it be turning the tide.



Another Bad Hair Day: How to Roll with Lifeís Ups and Downs and Come Out A Success!


When life throws you lemons, do you know what to do? The longer I live the more I have come to recognize once and for all that we me make our own luck. In fact, the harder we work towards our goals, the luckier we all seem to get. This motivational presentation is guaranteed to get you to stop thinking about all the excuses you use to defer you from your happiness and success and inspire you to live well now! Life is a finite experience and we all have only so much energy and time so what are you waiting for?


All for One, One for All: Tips on Creating A Positive, Collaborative Workplace!


Bring your team together with this motivational look at collaborating for success.

This motivation presentation places an emphasis on the personal choices we make at work and how those positive choices in time influence the overall atmosphere and morale of those around us.



And Other Duties as Assigned!


Pack full of practical and common-sense solutions and outlooks, this is a very popular presentation. It's not how many years we live ...but the life we put into our years. All too often we are called on to wear many hats and fulfill many new responsibilities professionally at work and on our own private lives with our friends and family. This motivational and often humourous seminar presents a wide palette of practical time/ life management solutions, insights on effective living and "food for thought" as we tackle our increasingly more complex lives.



The Art and Science of Motivation!


Discover how to motivate yourself and others by looking at and changing behaviours.

What motivates us to change current and unproductive behaviours and seek higher goals?

What drives us personally to move forward and what are the consistent skills that that motivated people embrace and engage to achieve their ongoing success? Either motivating yourself ...or others in a role of leadership to achieve outstanding results and meaningful goals... you need only understand the basics.



Basics of Networking


Making great first impressions and learning how to connect through networking is the theme here. Networking has always been about making timely connections. Itís never been about how many people we are acquainted with but more about having meaningful connections and contacts with a wide and influential balance within the business community. This motivational presentation hopes to re-ignite your desire

to network more efficiently and effectively.



Effective Interviewing and Note Taking!


Important skills when your job requires you to meet with others such as in a job interview. Discover how to maximize the effectiveness of your meetings with clients by utilizing proven interviewing techniques and note taking skills. With effective listening, questioning, interpreting, developing and recommending during the interview you can then use these skills to create notes that will be clear and accurate. 


How to Communicate Effectively, Clearly and Positively


Interpersonal communication is THE most important skill we can master personally and professionally. Truly effective interpersonal communication is at heart of mutually beneficial relationships. This motivational presentation presents common sense and easy applied solutions to ensure improved communications skills both in your professional life and your personal life. Remember...as you improve your communication skills you ultimately improve interpersonal relationships and your quality of life!



About Time: Thirty Time and Project Management Tips


How we manage our efforts, our time and ourselves greatly impacts the outcomes we seek. This tip-packed motivational presentation is designed to offer insights and approaches to ensuring you make the most of your busy business day. Managing time is really just about managing yourself better and relying on better planning and organization. Time management requires us all to take a common-sense approach to balancing the important tasks with the urgent work required as we endeavour to operate a productive and profitable business.


Laughing at Stress: Humour in Times of Change!


Maybe a sense of humour is OUR best defence in a stressful world?

The only constant...is constant change. How we respond to change, and stress is a personal choice when operating and managing your business. Keeping your sense of humour and adopting some simple philosophical perspectives might be the healthiest approach to dealing effectively with stress and change.



Motivating Your Staff on A Budget


If you have a limited budget to work with, you might be curious this one. Your challenge is a staff that requires leadership, inspiration, appreciation and recognition. Your challenge, you have a very small budget. What do you do? How to ensure your staff is upbeat and positive and feel appreciated and how to you motivate them? Discover how in this inspiring workshop!


Running Effective Meetings


When time is important, learn how to ensure your meetings are truly effective. Do you design effective winning agendas and lead with confidence so to ensure successful, productive Board meetings? In this motivational and informative seminar, learn how to chair and run a winning meeting that is productive, positive, accomplishes goals and utilizes time efficiently.




STOP That "Stinking Thinking" NOW!


"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" - Shakespeare

"We are only as happy as we make our minds up to be". - Abraham Lincoln

 This upbeat and motivational presentation makes the argument that we are our own guardians of good thinking and a positive life. We are the sum and quality of our thoughts. and a happier, more productive and optimistic life begins in thinking thoughts that take us forward. We can choose how we interpret our challenges and the consequent way we communicate to ourselves.



Job Search / Career Development Strategies



Ace Your Job Interview Strategies and Tactics to Win Job Interviews!


There can only one goal when you afforded the opportunity to attend a job interview...and that is to win the job! So many attend job interviews with little or no preparation and others "sabotage" themselves and their opportunity. This motivational seminar is loaded with tips, tactics and strategies (before, during and after the job interview).

Winning Job Search Psychology


Job searchers know that how they prepare for job interviews might be the difference

maker in their success in making a positive first impression. I envision a module that teaches

how to mentally, emotionally and even physically prepare for a job search and job interview.


STOP That Stinkin' Thinkin...Now!

A module piece that looks at unproductive and negative thinking and provides seven

steps to address and overcome. Career seekers need to end any adversarial relationships with

themselves and the pasts if they want to succeed in the job search.


Managing "Between Career" Anxiety!


A module that targets anxiety and its destructive nature and how to channel that negative energy into more

positive outcomes. Job seekers often ruminate around the possibility of negative outcomes and thus freeze

up when they need to take action.


Change Is Inevitable: How to Think and Work Your Way Through Change!

This workshop explores how a job seeker or career changer needs to embrace change and think his/ her way through it to succeed.:

Modules Include...

Change Happens

Anticipating Change

Adapting to Change

Transitioning Through Change

Making Change Work for You




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