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The Abundant Life "Buffet"!


Our approach for this workshop is to present a wide range of skills with something to satisfy everyone.

Our common threads will be on improving communication between people and inside team environments, working together and collaboration, developing a positive attitude and a philosophy of gratitude as an outlook in life, tolerance and sensitivity to people of different approaches to work. The day concludes with a session on how we can all work together to ignite more joy and purpose in our careers and support the people we support with greater purpose.




The Stress Busting Summit


As our lives get busier and often more complex with work, life and family pressures and stresses, the importance of responding to various stressors become increasingly more important. Join for a "stress busting day" and learn everything you need to know about stress so you can develop a personal plan to ensure that you cope with it in a positive, proactive and productive manner. It is an unrealistic expectation that you will have a "stress free" life and in fact, we need healthy amount of stress in our lives to be able to function.


What can you do when your world seems overwhelmingly stressful? How can you put stress in a healthy perspective and what "tools" can you draw on to mitigate your personal, professional and interpersonal stresses? Throughout the "stress busting summit", you will likely laugh and chuckle as you learn positive and insightful ways to deal with stress and definitely think about committing new approaches and solutions so you can live with stress and various stressors in a productive manner.


The reality is ...the human experience is a stressful ride in life but we must build "shock absorbers" and framework for healthier living, a positive support system, a capacity to live a more balanced life and an ability to laugh and put stress consistently into a useful perspective.


Connecting, Communicating and Collaborating: A Guide To Great Interpersonal Workplace Relationships


The reality of the contemporary workplace is that we now work with a very diverse group of people with different backgrounds and personalities. To be successful, we need to be effective communicators, patient and thoughtful when working with various personalities and leaders when encouraging a positive workplace environment.

We, in positions of providing organizational leadership eventually learn and know that the greater the depth of interpersonal skills, the greater the capacity and capability to prevent workplace challenges and to work productively to ensure a positive workplace. Additionally, we need skills and tools that ensure we and those we lead, ensure positive and helpful relationships within their teams and the public.

This full-day workshop explores and provides solutions to common workplace challenges, and allows you to work with and listen to the thoughts, ideas and suggestions of your
associates. This workshop draws on creative synergy possible when we come together for day and then work, talk and think together...to discuss and generate real workplace solutions. With group exercises, expect an engaging, insightful and fun day.



T.E.A.M.: Together Everyone Achieves More


Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success! Collaboration and the spirit of working together is the driving force behind successful people inside successful organizations. This motivational and insightful workshop explores the art and science of collaborative effort, its benefits and how to perpetuate future success.



Leadership Tool Box


This complete leadership seminar covers a wide range of essential leadership tools that every leader needs to use to succeed. We’ll explore tools for building morale, resolving conflicts, improving productivity, raising business standards, coaching the ABC model, mentoring, leading staff and personal meeting, fair share scheduling, and addressing and correcting behavioural challenges...plus more!


Building Stronger Workplace Relationships with Effective Communication


A full day workshop dedicated to defining, developing and improving communication strategies in individuals as they cope with a changing and challenging workplace environment. A comprehensive and often fascinating view on how we communicate to ourselves, coach ourselves, learn and adapt, and how to communicate to others!  This workshop strives to create a foundation for the establishment of new and productive communication habits that are as applicable at work as they are throughout life.



Building Personal Confidence and Self-Esteem!


This workshop explores self-esteem in depth and expands on the important role it plays in our professional lives. Self-Esteem and self-confidence affects our ability to make confident decisions and choices, assists us in our ability to work through change and challenge and provides the basis for our ability to address criticism and failure in a more productive manner.  Broken into four distinct sections, we’ll spend a day discussing four constructive and positive habits and approaches to building our self-esteem and self-confidence in the workplace.



Motivation Made Easy: How to Motivate Yourself to Stay Positive, Focused and Energized!


Motivation Made Easy...is a workshop that suggests we have to develop our own personal strategies to remain motivated usually through difficult or challenging times. Through life we encounter those who seem empowered

to stay motivated and focused as they move through various challenges...personally and professionally. What they know and what we need to discover is that their strategies for being positive, focused and energized is a simple formula based on choice and disciplined thought.


Privilege of Leadership: How to Inspire the Best in Others!


This is full-day workshop that explores leadership in a common-sense way and that comprehensively addresses solutions to the common challenges associated with guiding, coaching and directing fellow associates and staff. Building on the lessons of the previous leadership workshop and reinforcing its strongest components, this workshop focuses on the development of character, ethical leadership, personal responsibility and accountability. We will place an emphasis on gaining mutual respect, ensuring clarity in terms of communication, positive reinforcement and tactful correction to ensure a positive and productive workplace environment.



Leadership in An Environment of Change: Exploring Practical Solutions for Our Challenges!


Change is constant in any workplace and smart leaders learn that they must manage its transition. The impact of change on those we lead can widely vary so it’s critical that we communicate and empathize with the appropriate solutions to challenges to the human element (your staff) as they work in the unpredictable environment of change.




Optimum Collaboration: How We Work Together to Achieve Excellence!


Discover the results that we can all achieve when we all work together in this motivational workshop. Learn how to create a productive team and an effective client centric collaborative effort that builds team spirit and build better relationships with our customers. Develop a "willing partnership" with everyone in your workplace or job site. Create a workplace attitude and build a real team attitude that ensures improved morale and a right mix between consistent professionalism AND a sense of reward and fun in the work we do.



Leadership Through Conflict Resolution


Discover the results that we can all achieve when we all work together in this motivational workshop. Learn how to create a productive team and an effective client centric collaborative effort that builds team spirit and build better relationships with our customers. Develop a "willing partnership" with everyone in your workplace or job site. Create a workplace attitude and build a real team attitude that ensures improved morale and a right mix between consistent professionalism AND a sense of reward and fun in the work we do.



Train the Trainer: A Complete Guide to Ensuring Comprehension, Competency & Confidence!


The best person to train your staff specifically to your company’s standards is someone in-house, who really cares about quality of work and excellence. This special person has the dedication and patience to ensure competent staff that satisfies the customer’s needs. This seminar will cover all you need to know to establish an effective training role within your company. Covering in depth methodologies of training, this seminar will guide you to create a training manual and program to ensure consistency. We will discuss methods of building an effective in-house learning program that will build your bottom line with competent, confident staff.


True Leadership For True Leaders!


A full day workshop for existing manager and supervisors to develop the art of leading people to achieve their professional goals and objectives to build a workplace environment in which teamwork and team effort predominate. Building on previously acquired communications skills, this dynamic workshop provides high-level interpersonal leadership skills that foster greater communication, productivity and morale.



Managing Your Time: A Guide to Improving Your Time and Task Management Skills!


"Time management" is about managing ourselves, behaviours and actions more effectively...

with the limited time we have everyday.


Its about looking at how to work intelligently and efficiently...and developing systems and

approaches to do so, individually and as a group.


Some of the areas covered include ...


Personal Organization / Desktop / File Organization To Save Time

TIPS For Handling Paperwork

Beating Procrastination ... Once And For All

Simple Ways To Stay Organized

How To Do More With Less!

Prioritizing The " Urgent" Vs. "The Important"

Using Technology / Software To Your Advantage

Tips On Writing Effective Emails / Leaving Effective Voicemails

Task Listing Skills / Using A "To Do" System

Prioritization - ABC Systemization

Solutions For Efficient Meetings - ie (S.C.R.U.M.s)

Time Saving Email Drafts

Developing A Collaborative Office Approach For Greater Office Efficiency



Guide to Assertive and Effective Communication


A dynamic full-day workshop dedicated to understanding how to be assertive in your communication style without sounding or appearing aggressive or insensitive. To be an effective communicator you need to balance a lot of common-sense interpersonal skills and present the right mix of listening, thinking and articulating skills.




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