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The Abundant Life "Buffet"!


Because of the new diversity of the staff within today’s contemporary workplace we created an absolutely new full-day workshop. Our approach for this workshop is to present a wide range of skills with something to satisfy everyone. Our common threads will be on improving communication between people and inside team environments, working together and collaboration, developing a positive attitude and a philosophy of gratitude as an outlook in life, tolerance and sensitivity to people of different approaches to work. The day concludes with a session on how we can all work together to ignite more joy and purpose in our careers and support the people we support with greater purpose.


Time Well Spent: Effective Living through Organization and Self-Management!


Manage your time better so you can enjoy more of your life.

How well do you value your 24 hours in every day?

How did you invest in time and energy into your 1440 minutes?

When the day's 86,400 seconds finally tick by, are you pleased with how you managed your day and time within it?


"Time Well Spent..." is a motivational presentation that might finally motivate you to look seriously and effectively at the time we all granted everyday ...at work, at home with family, in your interpersonal relationships and even within your own personal life. We all learn that we don't manage our time as we more inclined to see that we learn to manage ourselves through the challenges and opportunities that present themselves every day. Delivered with energy, enthusiasm and humour, this workshop might just

be the best investment of your time you make this year! 


Too Many Hats: Beyond Time Management!


The best time management workshop we offer. A comprehensive and complete look at life or work time and task management with an emphasis on common sense approaches to typical time / task management challenges.

 " Do not squander time ... ... for that is the stuff life is made up of. " - Benjamin Franklin

 Time management" is about managing ourselves and lives more effectively.



Joy of Decision Making: Setting Goals, Getting Results!


If the thought of making decisions, small or big, makes you freeze then this is the workshop for you. Nothing happens until first we make a decision and then take effective action.

This inspiring workshop will present ways to make empowered decisions ... when you want to make them.



Managing Yourself In Your Career: How To "Surf" To Success In Your Career!


Learn how to manage yourself and the important aspects of your career including stress, change, personality conflicts and promotion / advancement.


Participants ...

... will learn about the changing workplace and strategies to adapt to its changes.

... will discover methods of coping with change and stress.

... will understand how to handle and resolve workplace conflicts.

... will learn communication strategies that open up avenues of communication.

... will discover strategies to work effectively with various personalities.



Achieving Balance, A Guide to Achieving A Balanced Life!


Balancing a busy personal, professional and family life is never easy, but certainly a worthwhile endeavour. Life brings us all daily challenges, but it is HOW WE CHOOSE to address each of these challenges that defines us and who we are. Perhaps as we grow wiser and develop patience, we see that we have the strength to endure. Maybe it is all about having faith and believing that we can make a difference, now and over time. There are also those who allow their humour and positive attitude to become part of their ability to cope. Whatever we do, we wish to ensure healthy life, healthy relationships and an empowered sense of being.


Join us for this uplifting, positive, solutions-oriented seminar where we'll explore some common sense strategies that you can use today to achieve a better life balance.



Believe and Succeed: How Faith Shapes Our Destiny!


Faith is an unfailing and secure belief in someone or something that does NOT rely or rest on logical or tangible proof or material evidence.


He, who loses money, loses much;

He, who loses a friend, loses much more;

He, who loses faith, loses all.

-    Eleanor Roosevelt


From the cradle to grave, have faith in yourself and your capacity to succeed against life’s challenges.

Our faith in ourselves, our lives and our world lies in understanding how we have coped with our trials of the past and that we can succeed in the future IF we have faith that success is possible.

Choose to see yourself, not as you are…BUT as you could be!



Assertiveness Not Aggressiveness!


Discover how to be more assertive in your communication style while maintaining all the important elements of a productive relationship. Discover the four key assertive stages in fair, respectful and mutually productive communication. Learn that assertiveness is based on fairness, preparedness, clarity and a desire to work towards positive outcomes.







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