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Effective Communication Workshops
Typically delivered as half-day or full-day sessions.



Strategies for Communicating Effectively, Assertively and Cleary!


A wonderful workshop that inspires us to learn how to communicate

more effectively and with respect so that others will listen, learn and respond!


Learn the value of how to "listen, think, and speak"…in the only order possible.

Learn how to deal with anger and hostility and how it influences how we communicate.

Discover how to really listen when other speak.

Develop learn about rapport and how communication build relationships. 

Learn how communicate to difficult people.

Learn how communication can resolve conflicts

Discover how to become more assertive when they need to.

Develop an understanding of how to get your message across clearly.



Connecting to Communicate: Building Teamwork with Communication!


This interactive workshop aims to meld communication and teamwork into one great learning event for staff. Through various group exercises and intermingled with lots of humour and insights, we learn that teams thrive of communication, familiarity and mutual understanding and gratitude. This workshop would be perfect for larger teams or teams that work apart from other teams.


Communications and Teamwork: A Road Map for Workplace Success!


Two words that reflect two mutual important and mutually interdependent concepts vital to organizational success. This purposely upbeat session explores the relationship between effective interpersonal communication and productive, satisfying teamwork.

Discover how to build workplace communications and develop a successful team environment. In our session we’ll define the essence of effective interpersonal communications and how collaborative and cohesive teams communicate to ensure that messages, information and data is handled efficiently. We’ll examine both the role of leadership in ensuring effective team communication and providing guidance but also the role of the personal responsibility inside a team to ensure success.



How to Listen, Think and Speak to Be Heard and Understood!


Effective interpersonal communication is at heart of mutually beneficial relationships.

This motivational presentation dissects the communication challenges we face and proposes common sense and easy applied solutions. We’ll explore the best methods and practices of ensuring clear, effective communication so that moments of miscommunication between people is minimized and that it doesn't negatively impact important relationships.



Building Stronger Workplace Relationships with Effective Communication!


A full day workshop dedicated to defining, developing and improving communication strategies in individuals as they cope with a changing and challenging workplace environment. A comprehensive and often fascinating view on how we communicate to ourselves, coach ourselves, learn and adapt, and how to communicate to others! This workshop strives to create a foundation for the establishment of new and productive communication habits that are as applicable at work as they are throughout life.



Getting Along: Strategies for Communicating Effectively, Assertively and Clearly!


A wonderful workshop that inspires participants to learn how to "communicate" effectively and with respect so that others will listen, learn and respond!


Outcomes of the workshop.



... Will learn the value of "listen, think, and speak".

... Will discover how to really listen, develop rapport, and cope with difficult people.

... Will gain the basics of assertiveness, managing anger, and hostility.

... Will develop an understanding of how to get your message across clearly.




How to Organize and Conduct Fantastic Meetings!


Discover how to create productive agendas and lead fantastic meetings that ensure enthusiasm, participation and a creative, interactive environment!


Outcomes of the workshop.




... Will discover how to build agendas for effective meetings.

... Will learn how to be an effective facilitator / leader at a meeting.

... Will discover how to get and encourage meeting participation.

... Will get ten tips to stay positive and stay “on track”.

... Will understand how and when to delegate and create outcomes.




The Basics of Networking


Networking is about connecting with other people, businesses or even customers at various business functions and social events by enthusiastically presenting our businesses and ourselves. It’s a great opportunity to connect but do you how to do it in such a way as to ensure you come across as sincere and genuinely interested?



An Overview to Learning Styles and Workplace Personalities! (45 min)


Discover how we learn and our style of learning as well as gain insights into various workplace personalities.





The Communication Toolbox

There can be no doubt how counterproductive miscommunication and misunderstandings can cost us both personally and professionally. Discover common sense solutions to ensuring you minimize typical communication problems and build the basis of better interpersonal communication.


Guide to Assertive and Effective Communication


A dynamic full-day workshop dedicated to understanding how to be assertive in your communication style without sounding or appearing aggressive or insensitive. To be an effective communicator you need to balance a lot of common-sense interpersonal skills and present the right mix of listening, thinking and articulating skills.





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