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Professional Development For
Childhood Care Educators / Day Care Professionals



Since 1994, we have presenting workshops, seminars and keynote and plenary presentations to a wide clientele that have included childhood care educators and staff of daycares. Training has been presented often in the form of in-services to both staff and leadership. Typically 2 – 3 hours in length.


Some topics requested over the years have included…


Nurturing Your Child's Self-Esteem And Self-Worth!  

A teacher and / or parent affects can never tell where his or her influence stops. Either as a parent or a teacher, your influence on a child’s self-image is vast and extremely important as it begins a child’s determination of their self-esteem and self-worth.  Every child has a destiny and purpose to fulfill in life and their feelings of self-worth and love will impact their relationships, choices and mental, emotional health. This motivational seminar is packed with tips and advice to ensure you can be a positive influence on the self-esteem of children.



Respectful Communication: Strengthening Workplace Relationships!

Discover the importance of respect as it applies to workplace communication. Learn how to ensure communication that is respectful to feelings of others. We’ll discuss how to communicate with parents/ children with an emphasis on listening and interpreting and develop and improve team-based communication. Also covered is a look at keeping positive attitudes in the daycare with children, parents and co-workers.



Connecting To Communicate: Building Teamwork With Communication!

This interactive workshop aims to meld communication and teamwork into one great learning event for staff. Through various group exercises and intermingled with lots of humour and insights, we learn that teams thrive of communication, familiarity and mutual understanding and gratitude. This workshop would be perfect for larger teams or teams that work apart from other teams. 



Building Children’s Self-Esteem And The Confidence To Learn!

When a child’s life is full of potential, we have the incredible opportunity and even obligation to make a real difference in helping that child develop a positive and confident self-image that in time helps that little soul become the person that should be.                                                 


Champions…Building Champions For Life!

As home child care providers, you can be champions and champion the lives of little ones by role modeling healthy personal choices and bringing forth the best choices for positive reinforcement. By your example everyday, you model respect, patience, honesty and integrity. As a child observes, he or she learns by your example. We take the responsibility of being a nurturing influence in the lives of little one, and in time start them of a great path.


Communicating Effectively with Parents And Staff

As a supervisor in a daycare environment you have the daily challenge of ensuring an effective and positive / constructive communication between your staff and those parents and guardians that visit. This seminar outlines solutions and tools for making sure that the child’s interests are always served and important.



How To Motivate Yourself To Stay Positive, Focused and Energized!

Every day you work in an environment in which you have to be upbeat and positive all the time so now learn how you can keep yourself motivated, positive, focused and energized.



Strategies For Communicating Effectively, Assertively And Cleary!

A wonderful workshop that inspires us to learn how to communicate more effectively and with respect so that others will listen, learn and respond!



The Art Of Delegation: How To Delegate Responsibility With Respect.


Delegation is a critical leadership skill and one that cannot be ignored.  To delegate responsibility with respect builds great people and great teams. In this workshop we will define what delegation really means and how it frees managers to manager and empowers staff with valuable workplace skills. We'll examine the appropriate attitude and approach to delegating and how to ensure we clearly define the tasks required.



If your centre is planning in-services, leadership / supervisory workshops or a program of lunch and learns for staff / management or looking to develop a professional development calendar throughout the year, I’d be very pleased to hear from you.



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