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Presentations To Chambers Of Commerce And Boards Of Trade



By and large, the greatest interest that is expressed by business organizations like Chambers and Boards of Trade are for shorter presentations suitable to the whole membership. Suitable as part of your meeting program, these presentations cover pro-business, pro-community topics and themes.



Presentations / Keynotes


Inspiring A Locavore Attitude with C.A.R.E. Approach!


Your business has so much to gain by focusing on delivering bring them back again customer service. Your community has so much to gain economically when we successfully attract visitors in our 160 km target market. Local residents can be instrumental to your business success when you enhance their knowledge of local products and services. As Locavores, you will be inspired and your customers, your guests and your business will be the beneficiaries!



Ten Business Icebergs...That Can Sink Your Business!


The unsinkable Titanic was the biggest and most supposedly safest ship on the sea when launched in 1912...until that irresistible force met the unmovable object. What "icebergs" are potentially lurking in your business ocean? This presentation is obviously designed to reach a wide business audience, from micro businesses and home-based, to start-up and established businesses, and to larger corporate businesses.



The Hometown Advantage!


Within the rise and popularity of on-line commerce and the omnipresent attraction of larger neighbouring communities, consumers are often attracted away from shopping for goods and services within their own hometown. The Hometown Advantage is a thought-provoking business presentation that challenges local businesses to a) recognize the new competitive threats and b) to immediately put in place an action plan to regain their local market.



Inspiring Local Heroes!


A presentation that addresses and discusses the issue of youth migration from communities and its impact on a community's business resources present and future. When young people leave their home communities to pursue their futures elsewhere...it creates a particular void and drain of local skills. Our aging population means that there will be crisis in replacing labour. Young people must be provided opportunities to see the value in building lives for themselves within their local communities. They can gain education outside their communities...but need both the rationale and vision to return after to make a life and living in their home areas.



5 R's - Resilience, Retention, Referrals, Repeat Business and Being Remembered!


This is favourite presentation amongst established business owners because they get it! They understand the value of a single customer. They have personally experienced the real value of working smart and striving to see greater business success by focusing on the 5 R’s. These 5 R’s built the business world because business people know that they can’t run a business without these critical and crucial success factors.



Building and Growing Your Business…With Superior Customer Service!


The biggest opportunity for any small business is to invest real time and effort to raise the customer service standards and ensure the customer receives a consistently high level of personalized service. Is your business expressing itself with a higher level of gratitude-based service when your customer comes to call? Win them first with great service, keep them with high standards and you might further benefit with customer referrals.



Motivating Staff on A Budget!


Your first challenge… a staff that requires leadership, inspiration, appreciation and recognition. Your second challenge, you have a very small budget. What do you do? How to ensure your staff is upbeat and positive and feel appreciated and how to you motivate them? Discover how in this inspiring workshop!




STOP That "Stinking Thinking"…NOW!


"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" - Shakespeare

"We are only as happy as we make our minds up to be". - Abraham Lincoln


This upbeat and motivational presentation makes the argument that we are our own guardians of good thinking and a positive life. We are the sum and quality of our thoughts. A happier, more productive and optimistic life begins in thinking thoughts that take us forward. We can choose how we interpret our challenges and the consequent way we communicate to ourselves.








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