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Business Workshops


We have developed a small number of full-day (6.0 hour) workshops geared and designed for small business owners that see and recognize value in training and development services for the management teams as well as their staff. Easily and simply delivered, these workshops get simply to the heart of the topic engage participants to think and endeavours to deliver a mulitude of solutions.


Typical Business Blunders and How to Avoid or Repair Them


* Discover 30 typical blunders that business owners and managers have experienced...and how to avoid / resolve them.

* Discuss potential or past blunders with other business owners / managers and share solutions.

* Learn how timely and regular analysis ensures less mistakes and errors in judgment.

* Learn that even experienced businesses make mistakes and every error learned is a stepping stone to future business success.

* Improve your business proactively by with a comprehensive trouble shooting checklist.


Sensational Selling Skills


* Discover the proper and best personal and professional psychology to be a sales success.

* Learn the nine basic and essential sales skills.

* Build your business around the three "R's" of repeat business, referral business and retention business.

* Learn how to cope with rejection and turn it into a sales force to greater sales success.

* Discover how to self-coach yourself to more sales and look / act and sound like a pro.


The Leadership Toolbox


* Learn how to see staff productivity / attitude under the traditional ABC performance management model

* Discover the difference between managing and leading staff and resolving / committing to being a great leader.

* Discover how to address conflict constructively

* Learn about leadership styles and what works best for you

* Create a culture of interdependent teams.

* Motivate your team with constructive feedback.


Train the Trainer...


* Discover the attributes and skills needed to be a successful trainer in a new contemporary learning environment.

* Understand the three learning styles in your students.

* Discover the communication styles needed to connect with your students.

* Implement the P.E.O.P.L.E. Strategy ... A Proven Formula for Skills Based Training

* Learn effective presentation / demonstration-based training methods

* Use the seven keys to connectedness with your students


Marketing for Small Business Success Made Easy and Profitable


* The Five "P's" Of Marketing and what they mean to your business

* Discover a wide range of effective and innovative marketing strategies.

* Discuss cost effective marketing and / or marketing on a shoestring budget.

* Learn about the Internet and its interrelationship with business marketing

* Discover your best new approaches to marketing your business and how to implement them.


Superior Customer Service


* Discover the how and why of going the extra mile and learning how to exceed the expectations of your customer.

* Set your goals for exceptional customer service

* Create, implement and challenge your staff to adhere to your "non-negotiable customer service standards"

* Discover how to turn challenging customers into lifelong customers.




Keep in mind, there are many cost effective and intelligent reasons to have workshop delivered on-site to your staff and management. Why send them away for training, when you can keep them under your roof, as a team?




The Communication Toolbox

There can be no doubt how counterproductive miscommunication and misunderstandings can cost us both personally and professionally. Discover common sense solutions to ensuring you minimize typical communication problems and build the basis of better interpersonal communication.



Building the Winning Team: A Guide to Hiring, Training and Keeping Great Employees!


Great employees can make all the difference when it comes to providing quality work and exceptional service. This motivational workshop provides numerous useful tips and great common-sense advice on how to interview, hire, train, lead, motivate, reward and retain employees so that they contribute to your business success. Discover how to get that competitive advantage, grow your business, and reduce your employee "headaches". Learn how to place your effort into ensuring your employees are working competently and collaboratively as a team for your customer’s satisfaction.



Inspiring A Locavore Attitude with C.A.R.E. Approach!


Your business has so much to gain by focusing on delivering “bring them back again” customer service. Your community has so much to gain economically when we successfully attract visitors in our 160 km target market. Local residents can be instrumental to your business success when you enhance their knowledge of local products and services. As Locavores, you will be inspired and your customers, your guests and your business will be the beneficiaries!




The Art of Negotiation


Negotiation is a critical business skill and often used every day either formally or informally. Broken down into ten simple steps, discover how to be a better negotiator so you can ensure that your needs and interests are communicated effectively, and you can gain the outcome you seek.





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