photo by Bill Doig

Maxine Trottier is a prolific writer of books for young people. Born in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan on May 3, 1950, she moved to Windsor, Ontario in Canada with her family ten years later. In 1974 she became a Canadian citizen. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario.

Maxine spent 31 years working as an educator in elementary classrooms, guiding children toward literacy. The students in her class, who of course thought of her only as their teacher, saw each step in the creation of a new work. They heard the unillustrated story, saw the roughs, and were the first to view the finished book.

Maxine lives with her husband William and their Yorkies Moon, at Newman’s Cove, Newfoundland. Her studio overlooks the Atlantic Ocean; it is a wonderful place to write.


And here are a few images of the icebergs that were practically in Max's back yard in late June, 2007. Imagine 23 degrees and icebergs. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image. She also saw whales this summer. In the picture on the left you can see a humpback playing just beyond the rocks at Newman's Cove. The one on the right shows a humpback and her calf. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.
Max looking at ice a seal ice berg hump back whale two whales
another berg a large iceberg pink berg