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True Confessions from the Ninth Concession, a funny and affectionate chronicle of rural life from Wingfield author Dan Needles, published by Douglas & McIntyre, is now in its second printing. It's a great book to read right through or dip in and out of. We highly recommend it for your summer reading list. 

Quote for the Summer: 

Walt: (to the audience) I've acquired horses in descending order of mobility. My first, Feedbin, is actually quite spirited, though erratic. My second, Mortgage, is not self-motivated and would rather stay in the barn. Once on the move, though, she can do as much damage as Feedbin. My third is an old draft horse named King, who hardly ever moves at all. If I buy another horse, it will have to be a statue.

I have no idea how old these horses are. Going down to the stable now is like going to the Legion. Feedbin's all grey around the muzzle, Mortgage has the beginnings of white-eye, and King... Well, I understand if King lives another year, he'll get a letter from the Queen.

(Wingfield Unbound)

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