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Last updated Feb 20, 2018.

HAND TOOLS:(click on thumbnail to expand)
#105786 Modern Clock & Watch Repair: Very good introductury book, hardcover, 250 pages; $19. Another picture here.
#105785 Clock & Watch Repair: Excellent beginner book, heavily illustrated, mint condition, hard cover w/dust cover; $25. Another picture here.
#105784 Swiss Official Catalog: Both Vol 1 and 2, for both parts and ligne ID; $19. Another picture here.
#105783 Complicated Watches: excellent condition, hardcover, 171 pages; $29. Another picture here.
#105782 Watch Repairer's Manual: One of the best, excellent condition, hardcover, 326 pages; $39. Another picture here.
#105781 American Watchmaking History: Published by NAWCC, softcover, 144 pages; $10. Another picture here.
#105780 Practical Watch Repair: One of the best, excellent condition, softcover, 328 pages; $39. Another picture here.
#105773 Poising Tool: With adjustable legs, perfect agate jaws and original box, note bubble level not working; $49.
#105772 PW Mainspring Winder Set: From Marshall, will do all sizes, no damage, needing a little minor cleaning up only; $129.
#105771 Watch Cutting Broaches: Mix of large and medium sizes; $15.
#105770 Watch Cutting Broaches: Medium size; $8.
#105769 Watch Cutting Broaches: Very fine size; $10.
#105768 Watch Cutting Broaches: Fine size; $8.
#105767 Pin Vise: Larger size; $6.
#105765 Bench Block: Needs a bit of cleaning up; $10.
#105761 Pivot Files: Lot of three, very fine; $25.
#105760 Slip: Bell metal slip, 2 1/2" long; $5.
#105743 Watch Oil: Full container; $10.
#105742 Collet Lifts: A pair; $10.
#105740 Alcohol Jar: A bit dirty, good section of wick; $8.
#105739X Pithwood: Small assortment, new; $4.
#105737 Douzime: Excellent condition, 0-12 lignes; $10.
#105736 Douzime: Excellent condition, 0-70 lignes; $10.
#105735X Stackable Movement Holders: Both wrist and pocketwatch sizes, like new; $10.
#105729X Watch Paper: New sealed package of 1000 sheets, keep those oily fingerprints off parts and movements; $10.
#105718 Trueing Calipers: In original box, good condition, includes bending wrench; $25.
#105716 Hand Broach Pliers: Used to hold hands when broaching; $8.
#105713 Jeweler's Saw: Complete with assorted replacement blades; $29.
#105712X Hand Broach: For pocketwatches, spring loaded to hold the hand; $10.
#105707 Calipers: In/out, made in USA; $5.
#105686 Depthing Tool: In good condition with original fitted storage case, wristwatch size; $59.
#105680 Nippers: 1/2" edge; $6.
#105675 Micrometer: 0-25mm, US made, bit of tarnish; $5.
#105674X Pallet Warmer: Brass pallet warmer; $8.
#105671 Dial Protector: Slips under the hands when removing hands; $2.
#105665 Hamilton Electric Watch: Factory manual, softcover, 106 pages; $10. Another picture here.
#105662 Screwhead Files: Lot of three (1,6,8), note that although there are some chips, you do not use the whole edge to make a cut; $29.
#105650 Demagnetizer: Pass through style in good working condition, instructions on bottom; $49. Another picture here.
#105634X Spring Bar Tool: From Grobet, brand new; $8.
#105601 Strap Repair Kit: From Swartchild, everything you need; $25.
#105592 Bulova Interchangeability: Factory spirol catalog, 119 pages; $10. Another picture here.
#105587 Mainspring Winder Set: Six piece set for wristwatches, no damage, will do all sizes; $99.
#105585 K&D Mainspring Winder Set: Complete set for pocketwatches, no damage, will do all sizes, box top missing; $99.
#105579 Roller Remover Set: Use in your staking set or with a bench block, will do all wrist and pocketwatches, could use some cleaning up but no damage; $29.
#105559X Hand Remover: Good condition; $8.
#105554X Roller Remover: Hand held version, for wristwatches; $10.
#105553X Combination Tool: Used to set jewels, annealing, broaching hands, handle color may vary; $8. Copy of instructions here.
#105542 Hammer Head: Brass; $5.
#105541X Movement Rests: Set of four (will do wristwatches and small pocketwatches); $4.
#105538 Hand Broach: Holds second hands when broaching; $8.
#105537X Watch Oil: Quality from Moebius, NOS; $8.
#105529 K&D Jewel Pusher: Mint condition; $25.
#105525 Diagonal Cutters: Excellent tips 3/4", some tarnish; $8.
#105515X Shellac: Small assortment of stick and flake shellac; $5.
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#2211 Basket Assembly: L&R basket assembly, fits all aggetated models, this is the small size (OD 2 1/4"); $29.
#2201 Star Baffle: Multiple units available; $3 each.
#2191X Basket Assembly: L&R basket assembly, fits all aggetated models, this is the small size (OD 2 1/4"); $25.
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#3774 Lathe Loupe: Mount on headstock tip (near collet), great invention; $39.
#3773 Pivot Polisher: From Moseley, mint condition w/orginal box; $59.
#3766 Pedal: Adjustable speed foot pedal; $19.
#3764 Step/Wheel Chucks: #1 through #5, 8mm; $49.
#3762 Balance Holders: Holds balance complete, one for wrist and one for pocketwatches, require #50 collet; $39.
#3760 Blank Wheel: 8mm blank; $10.
#3753 Waller Graver Holder: With no tip; $10.
#3713 Decimal Collets: Lot of six pieces; $39.
#3712 Balloon Chuck: Pocketwatch size, 8mm; $19.
#3691 Saw & Arbor: Saw blade like new, about 32mm in diameter, requires #31 collet; $19.
#3690X Dead Center Collet: Standard 8mm; $10.
#3675 Graver Handles: Lot of seven assorted; $10.
#3672 Jeweling Collets: Sixteen piece set, no damage but some light surface rust, original box, requires #39 collet; $49.
#3658 Polishing Lathe: Standard 8mm lathe, indexing headstock (no pin) and tool rest (note the edge of rest is missing)....use as is for a polishing lathe or track down a tailstock and make it complete, just $79. More pictures here and here.
#990 8mm Lathe Collets: While manufacturers vary in this item, all of these collets are 'Boleyish", that is, they are standard ww pattern and will fit all Boley, Levin, Peerless, Marshall, Wolf Jahn, & Leinen lathes. Inventory changes frequently with new collets being added, so be sure to check back if you don't find the sizes you are looking for. Various makers, no damage, some might have bit of minor surface rust.
The following sizes available at ten dollars each:
2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 38, 40, 42, 50.
The following sizes available at fifteen dollars each:
60, 64.
Clicking here will give you a reference chart that shows collet number, diameter of opening in both mm and fractional decimals.

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#4409 Openers:
Lot of 12 waterproof case openers; $6.
#4408 GS Catalog:
For fancy crystals, 52 pages, full size illustrations; $5. Another picture here.
#4407 Gauges:
One for calendar crystals, one for bands; $4.
#4406X Case Opener:
Adjutable, excellent conditon; $4.
#4404 Crystal Gauge:
NOS, w/orginal packing envelope; $6.
#4402 Waterproof Case Opener:
NOS, w/original packing envelope; $19.
#4398 Elgin Case Closer:
From Elgin, for closing waterproof cases; $10.
#4397X Case Holder:
Hard wood, adjustable, case opener....used to hold watch when opening the case, will also double as a movement holder; $4.
#4396 LG Case Opener: Bench mounted opener for Rolex Oyster cases, w/six dies, original box w/instructions. I believe this to be NOS, if not as close as you can get; $139. More pictures here and here .
#4394 Bergeon Case Opener:
Like new, w/protective storage case; $19.
#4391X Pocketwatch Case Opener:
Suction style, for opening those tough case backs; $10.
#4385 Adjustable Case Opener:
Pocket sized; $6.
#4376 Accutron Opener:
Excellent condition; $2.
#4375X GS Gauge:
Measures both round and fantcy crystals; $2.
#4374X Watch Tool:
Measures band width (or spring bar), spring bar release and a case opener; $4.
#4373 Jaxa Opener:
In my opinion the best, includes box/holder (missing the top); $49.
#4372 Rolex Case Opener:
Factory opener, mounts to bench; $49.
#4371 Gruen Case Opener:
Factory promotional item; $5.
#4366X Crystal Lift:
Used for compression type installation and removal of round plastic crystals in wristwatches, with bench plate, picture is sample; $19.
#4353 Omega Tool: Factory opener for cal 202/2242; $10.
#4346 Case Opener: Adjustable, need some cleaning up; $6.
#4345 Pocketwatch Case Opener: Suction opener for case backs, good condition; $10.
#4334X Vigor Case Opener: Adjustable, in good condition; $8.
#4330 Waterproof Case Opener: Pliers have notched end to go into notches on case back; $10.
#4323 Opener: Knife style; $5.
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#5424 K&D Staking Set: Model 18 from K&D, full compliment of stumps and stakes, VERY clean, inverto, two roller removers, nice box, has had very little use; $259. More pictures here, here and here.
#5422 Speciality Stake: K&D #21A incabloc roller staking punch; $8.
#5421X Speciality Stake: K&D #26B roller staking punch; $8.
#5411 Prestine Boley Staking Set: Box shows wear (but is solid) but nothing else does....this is one VERY nice set, complete, no damage...yours for $199. More pictures here and here.
#5408 NOS K&D Balance Staff Remover: K&D #50 balance staff remover (wristwatach size), NOS w/original box and instructions, punch still has molded tip protection on end. NOTE: body of punch is tarnished, not sure why, but will easily clean up; $39.
#5404 K&D Booklet: Thirty eight pages, nice condition; $25. Another picture here.
#5393 Marshall Staking Set: Nice clean set, 120 stakes plus 10 knockout punches (one is broken), plus balance staff remover and lift; $229. More pictures here and here.
#5378 Boley Staking Set: Very nice set from Boley, no damage or missing pieces (in fact there are four extra stakes and a centering punch included), all stakes are in mint condition. Note the hole in the second picture near the stumps; can't figure why anyone who really looked after his tools would do it...but he did. He also carved his initials and '1936' on the underside of lid. Despite these minor issues, this very nice set can find a new home at your place for $199. (Note pictures can be deceiving, the top of the anvil appears to be rusty, no is brass...this is a NICE set). More pictures here, here and here.
#5367 Seitz Catalog/Manaul: Factory book, cover torn, some water stains...but all pages are there and quite readable; $25. Another picture here.
#5353X K&D Balance Staff Remover: Wristwatch size, used in your staking set; $29.
#5352X K&D Balance Staff Remover Set: One for pocketwatches, one for wristwatches, used in your staking set; $79.
#5337 Swiss Staking Set: Mostly complete, this set has been poorly stored and will require some cleaning do the work, you save; only $79. More pictures here and here.
#5335 K&D Staking Set: Model 17 Inverto, larger set with 120 stakes, 20 stumps...missing the two roller removers, no knockout punches...while there is no apparent damage, there is some dirt and surface clean, you save; $149. More pictures here and here.
#900 K&D Stakes: A chart for stakes is located here and here ; if your browser resizes it too small to read then (with IE) right click and "save picture as" to your desktop.
The following used K&D stakes are available at $6 each, please note that some might have some minor rust/dirt and will require cleaning up, but they have no damage:

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 57, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 76, 77, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99,100, 101, 102, 103,104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119.