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Last updated Jul 18, 2014

HAND TOOLS:(click on thumbnail to expand)
#102078 Swiss Parts Catalog: Both volumes (1 and 2), shows setting parts (similar to fingerprint catalogs) to determine calibre; $19/pr. Another picture here.
#102076 Bergeon Screwdrivers: Set of five (50, 60, 100, 120 and 200), with extra blades; $39.
#102074 Nicholson File Set: Twelve piece set, high quality US made, note a tiny bit of surface rust, otherwise very good condition; $19.
#102073 Broaching Pliers: Two hole pliers for holding hands when broaching; $8.
#102072 Broaching Set: Set of smaller watch broaches, with pin vise; $19.
#102071 Rouge Stick: Only a little used, red rouge stick; $4.
#102069 Roller Remover: Rex roller remover, use in your staking set or bench block, slight tarnish... you clean up and save, specially priced at $29.
#102067 Roller Jewel Gauge: Feeler style from Elgin; $19.
#102065 Saphire Burnisher: Pen type with triangular shaped stone that has broken off and will need to be reset, sold as found; $15.
#102064 Sleeve Wrench: Ten prong sleeve wrench, no broken/damaged tips; $19.
#102063 Mainspring Gauge: Old brass model, Dennison on one side, metric on the other; $8.
#102061 Tweezers: #12 from Marshall, think these are hairspring tweezers, and while the tips look good they appear to be modified a bit, thus sold as found; $8.
#102060B Screwdriver Set: Set of General, US made, quality screwdrivers, in mint condition; $19.
#102059 Movement Gauge: American sizing on one side, swiss ligne and mm on the other, excellent condition; $10.
#102058 Complicated Watches: As with all of DeCarle's book, a goldmine of information. Hardcover with dustcover, 174 pages, good condition, highly illustrated; $29. Another picture here.
#102057X Compass: Tiny compass, used to detect magnetism; $2.
#102055 Demagnetizer: 110V, perfect working order; $69.
#102054X Pin Vise: Push to open, very useful for winding stems and/or (smaller) crowns; $4.
#102050 Pin Vise: Medium sized with large ball wooden handle; $5.
#102049 Bench Keys: Set of three non matching (but all sizes are there) of let down keys, six sizes; $49.
#102048 Watch Paper: Keep those oily finger off parts/movements, full box (1000 sheets) of paper; $15.
#102047 Cannon Pinion Tightner: Somewhat tarnished but perfectly functional; $25.
#102045X Pegwood: New bundle of 20+ pieces; $10.
#102043 Cutting Broaches: Large cross section, includes an adjustable holder so you won't drive the tang into your hand; $25.
#102041 Screw Tip Finisher: Larger size, one lantern only; $10.
#102038 Truing Calipers: Simple style....FREE!
#102036 Bench Loupe: Estimate about 5X, place over item on bench; $10.
#102035 Hammer: Seven inch jeweler's hammer, good condition; $8.
#102021 Marshall Tweezers: Marshall H16, serrated jaws; $19.
#102020X Marshall Tweezers: Marshall H15, for holding/removing second hands, excellent tips; $25.
#102011X NOS Dumont Tweezers: Dumont #3C; $19.
#102006X NOS Hamilton Oil: One container of watch oil and one of stem lube from Hamilton, both NOS; $19.
#102004X K&D Mainspring Winders: Set of three, will do up to 11mm (not for larger pocketwatches); $29.
#102003X NOS File: US made by Heller, 3 1/2" long, 0 cut, half round; $6.
#102002 Poising Tool: With adjustable legs, working bubble, perfect agate jaws, overall excellent condition with wooden storage box (has old repair on back side of lid); $79. Another picture here.
#102001X Combination Tool:
Used to set jewels, annealing, broaching hands; $6. Note picture is sample, handle color may be different. Copy of instructions here .
#102000X Pivot Drills: Set (consisting of two size groups), NOS; $49.
#101996 Bergeon Bench Mic: Needs some minor cleanup, no damage, perfect working order, this is the large version 0-100mm; $99.
#101994 Screw Extractor: Very good condition; $59.
#101993X Roller Remover:
Hand held roller remover, recommended method for wristwatches, especially smaller ones; $6.
#101991 Diamatine: Mixed with clock oil to form a paste, for metal polishing; $10.
#101988 Bausch Lomb Loupe: In a bit rough condition, but lens is good, 3.3X; $10.
#101986 Watch Repairing as a Hobby: Excellent beginner book, softcover 64 pages; $8. Another picture here.
#101984 Optivisor: No damage, but pretty dirty; $25.
#101981X Hand Broach:
Used to hold hands while broaching, pocketwatch size; $10.
#101980 Trueing Calipers: From Watchcraft w/original box and bending wrench, no damage but needing a bit of cleaning up; $25.
#101976X Mainspring Winders: Handle screws out, three sizes for wristwatches; $19.
#101974X Combination Tool: Either NOS or mint, with original box; $19.
#101972 Mainspring Gauge: Good condition; $8.
#101965 Automatic Oiler: With instructions and box, think it is NOS; $19.
#101962 Dry-Kleen: Package of 15 new pieces, with instructions; $15. Another picture here.
#101961 Balance Screw Starters: Set of four (1, 2, 5 and 8), all in good condition; $39.
#101956 Dumont Tweezers: Good tips, #3C, fine tips for general assembly; $10.
#101955 Dumont Tweezers: Good tips, #15, cutting edge for getting into small places; $12.
#101943 Roller Remover Set: Complete set, will do both wrist and pocketwatches; $39.
#101937 Rodico: Almost a full piece; $8.
#101936 Levin Trueing Calipers: Quality, and mint! What more could you ask for...$49.
#101934 Spring Bar Tools: One to push the spring bars, other to hold the strap in place; $6/lot.
#101932 Movement/Case Holder: Four sided, adjustable, good condition; $6.
#101926 Square Set: Lot of three, very nice condition, not marked so might be offshore; $10/lot.
#101919 Eyeglass Double Loupe: New in sealed box, 2 1/2 and 1 1/2X, kit contains four different mountings/locks for your eye glasses, plus a screwdriver, made by Donegan Optical; $15.
#101917 Loupe Lot: All new, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2 and 3X, offshore; $10/lot.
#101912X Pith and Pegwood: Assortment of each; $5.
#101911 Mainspring Winder Set: Set of nine pieces, excellent condition, wristwatch size; $99.
#101907 Tweezers: Hairspring cutting tweezers, Ideal #15A, tips need dressing, some tarnish, sold as found; $10.
#101901 Balance Screw Starters: Set of two, used to start balance screws (or any small screws), one handed operation, minor tarnish; $19.
#101891 Douzime: 0-12 ligne scale; $8.
#101885 Poising Tool: Minor loss of finish, a bit dirty, perfect agate jaws; $29.
#101883 Steel Burnisher: Nice condition; $12.
#101881 Trueing Calipers: Complete with bending wrench; $29.
#101880 Bench Keys: Double ended set for pocketwatches, will do all sizes, mint; $69.
#101876 Pocketwatch Bow Pliers: Bow closing pliers; $29.
#101874 Mainspring Winder: From K&D, pocketwatch size; $99.
#101872 Watch Paper: About 400 sheets; $8.
#101869 Jeweling Setup: Everything you need to set jewels, alcohol lamp (no cap), shellac, combination tool and pallet warmer; $25.
#101868X Shellac: Quantity of stick and flake shellac; $5.
#101864 File Handles: New, lot of two pieces; $3.
#101861 Parts Containers: Lot of two, 2 1/2" deep x 1 1/2" high, with lids; $3.
#101860 Oil Station: Three cup chrome oil station, heavy with rubber on bottom to keep it still; $25.
#101859 Screwhead File: Grobet-Vallorbe #5, good condition; $19.
#101853 Elgin Tool: Factory tool from Elgin, marked Railroad regulator pin; $19.
#101851 Shellac: Small assortment of block shellac, shave your own; $5.
#101846 Steel Hammer: Nice condition, about 7" long; $10.
#101844X Second Hand Holder: Holds second hands while broaching; $8.
#101832 Pocket Oiler: New sealed watch oiler; $5.
#101828X Hand Puller: Presto #1 watch hand remover, has spring loaded stop to prevent marking the dial; $19.
#101827X Hand and Sweep Wheel Puller: Presto #6 combination hand and sweep wheel puller, may need minor cleaning up; $15.
#101826 Depthing Tool: Wristwatch size, good condition; $69.
#101824 Screwdrivers: Set of six, nice condition, offshore; $4.
#101823X Pocketwatch Keys: NOS, lot of #9, 10 and 12; $2.
#101821 Pivot Drills: Two lots, incomplete; $8.
#101818 Mainspring Gauge: Does both Dennison and American; $10.
#101815 Bench Keys: For pocketwatches, lot of four, a couple ends are screwed up, sold as found; $19.
#101814 Bench Block: From K&D; $15.
#101806 Nippers: With 1/2" jaws, good condition; $6.
#101804 Drill Index: Almost complete; $8.
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#2116X Cleaning Basket Tray: For L&R three jar system, smaller size 2 1/4", tray only; $4.
#2115X Cleaning Basket Lid: For L&R three jar system, smaller size 2 1/4", lid only; $3.
#2103 Cleaning Basket: For L&R three jar system, smaller size 2 1/4"; $29.
#2100 Watchmaster Basket: Stainless container as used in Bulova Watchmaster, with lid, no basket, good spline; $19.
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#3676 Waller Graver: Carbide graver from Waller, good condition with extra tip; $19.
#3675 Waller Graver: Carbide graver from Waller, good condition; $15.
#3674 Marshall Cross Slide: Will fit all standard 8mm lathes such as Peerless, Boley, American Watch Tool, Lorch, Leinen etc. Three way cross slide, all scales show well, overall appears in excellent condition, except note that one handle is bent but has no effect on operation. With tool post holder and one tool bit; $479. More pictures here, here, here and here.
#3673 Pivot Polisher: US made by Robinson, with original box; $49.
#3672 Crown Chucks: Set of crown chucks, does both pocket and wristwatches; $39.
#3671 Balloon Chucks: Used to polish pivots without tearing down the balance complete, requires #50 collet (included); $49.
#3670 Moseley 8mm Lathe: Sure isn't the prettiest, but it is tight and true, but has been in storage for some time and we strongly recommend a tear down, inspection and lube. Has some loss of finish and is missing the knob on the tailstock drawbar. Includes four collets (4, 16, 18 and 38); note Moseley collets only fit this lathe, they are about 2mm longer than most. You do the work and save; $169. More pictures here,here and here.
#3667 Countershaft: Considerable loss of finish, but she'll do the job. Will rotate back and forth, up (about 1 1/2"), both pulleys in good condition, about 12" long; $99. Another picture here .
#3666 Lathe Motor: Pedestal style from Watchcraft, with forward/reverse switch, 110V, in very nice condition; $119.
#3664 Jacot's Lathe: Basic Jacot's tool, some tarnish but no damage, with pivot gauge and original box; $99. More pictures here, here and here.
#3662 Wax Chucks: From Marshall/Peerless, set of five with 8mm holder; $25.
#3661X Bell Metal Slip: Nice condition; $4.
#3660 Small Burrs: Lot of four tiny burrs (head about 1.2mm), require #24 collet (included); $19.
#3659 Tool Post Cutters: Lot of four cutters, 1/8" square, likely shop made; $6.
#3658 Boxed 8mm Lorch Lathe Package: 8mm Lorch lathe, very nice black crinkle finish, complete with factory mounting bracket (permits rising/lowering and swiveling). Has second drawbar for tailstock which permits any of the fourteen tips shown to friction fit, plus another adapter for even smaller tips (none included). Other accessories included (signed Lorch) eight piece dog set, assorted wax collets/chucks, and 14 (signed Lorch) collets (18, 22, 24, 25, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 49 and 50). Note that the headstock knob has been partially broken. Original Lorch wooden storage box in nice condition (no key); $399. More pictures here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.
#3655 Gravers: Lot of three pieces; $19.
#3654 Gravers: Lot of four pieces; $25.
#3653 Jeweling Chucks: Eight piece set in original box, require #50 collet (not included); $25.
#3650 Proper Use of the Graver: Small booklet by H Barkus, 45 pages (either a reprint, or copy...done very well) 'the' book on gravers, excellent condition; $12. Another picture here.
#3648 Graver Lot: Quality US made by E.C. Lyons of NY, eight pieces; $49.
#3646 Levin Balloon Chucks: Set of two, one for pocket, one for wristwatches, in original fitted case; $89.
#3644X Lathe Belting: 2mm, sold at $1.50/ft.
#3639 Variable Speed Pedal: 110 volt, with female receptacle, mint condition; $29.
#3638 Taig Lathe: Very useful book on the very popular Taig, covers accessories also, mint $19. Another picture here.
#3624 Motor and Pedal: From Singer, these have a bit less torque but work just fine, 110V and priced at only $25.
#3622X Vallorbe Burnisher: Right handed, double ended with caps, very nice condition; $39.
#3615 Peerless/Marshall Collet Lot: Lot of 8mm collets, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 16, 18, 22 and 44, some may have tarnish and/or minor rust, but no damage; $99.
#3610 Boley Collet Lot: Lot of 8mm collets 4, 6, 10, 18, 22, 38, 40, 44, 46 and 50, some may have tarnish and/or minor rust, but no damage; $99.
#3609 Wheel Chucks: Standard 8mm, one, two, four and five, needing some minor cleanup; $35.
#3608 Wheel Chucks: Standard 8mm, one through five, needing some minor cleanup; $49.
#3605 Graver Sharpener: Used to hold the graver at the correct angle on the stone when sharpening/honing; $19.
#3604 8mm Lathe: Pennant lathe, takes standard WW 8mm collets. Nice black crinkle finish, heavier than most watchmaker's lathes. A unique feature is that the headstock will rotate and lock in any position. Standard features include indexing headstock, tip over tool rest and standard tailstock. Appears to be in excellent condition, tight and ready to go to work for only $199. More pictures here, here, here and here.
#3602X Lathe Belting: Three and half feet long, 3mm; $5.
#3601 Speed Control: Foot pedal variable speed control for lathe motor; $25.
#3577X Dead Center: Standard 8mm; $8.
#990 8mm Lathe Collets: This item changes frequently with new collets being added, so be sure to check back if you don't find the sizes you are looking for. Various makers, no damage, some might have bit of minor surface rust.
The following sizes available at ten dollars each:
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 40, 44, 46, 50.
The following sizes available at fifteen dollars each:
52, 53, 54, 63, 64, 69, 70, 72.
Clicking here will give you a reference chart that shows collet number, diameter of opening in both mm and fractional decimals.
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#4236 Crystal Inserter/Remover: Larger size from SUC, with base; $15.
#4235 Crystal Insertion Tool: From Borel, in original fitted box, mint condition; $25.
#4233 Case Opener: Knife style, a bit tarnished; $4.
#4231 Crystal Cement: From L&R, still some left; FREE!
#4230 Crystal Cement: From GS, nearly full; $4.
#4228X Crystal Cement: Nearly new stick of crystal cement, with directions (requires heat to melt); $4.
#4226X Bezel Tool: Used to clean out dried up cement in watch bezels; $10.
#4225 Case/Crystal Press: Used to insert crystal, and also closes case backs, with 28 dies; $29.
#4224 Waterproof Crystal Press:
GS crystal press set for waterproof crystals, no missing pieces, with instructions on top lid. Note that the lid has been broken off the box, and the front clasp in missing. Otherwise, in nice condition ready to go to work for $69. Another picture here and here.
#4223 Crystal Press:
HR press, with complete set of dies, heavy duty cast press, mounted on sturdy board; $59. Another picture here.
#4217 Case Opener:
Three point, adjustable; $5.
#4216 Case Vise:
Mint condition, adjustable, with bench plate, offshore; $10.
#4215 Case Vise:
Mint condition, adjustable, offshore; $5.
#4212 Band Punch: Very nice condition, for punching holes in leather bands; $6.
#4208 Case Opener: Mounts to bench, has rubber edged holder to hold case when opening, offshore; $15.
#4201X Crystal Lift:
Used for compression type installation and removal of round plastic crystals in wristwatches, with bench plate, picture is sample; $19.
#4200X Bench Plate:
Used to hold crystal so you can pick it up with lift (for compression style inserters) rather than chase the crystal all over your bench, picture is sample; $5.
#4198 Case Closer: Complete with eight dies; $29.
#4172 Crystal Inserter: Used to remove and insert plastic crystals (compression), with holding base; $19.
#4133X Crystal Gauge: GS, for fancy crystals; $3.
#4132X Crystal Gauge: BB, for fancy crystals; $3.
#4047X Crystal Lift:
From Electro Vise, this is the large size for pocketwatches, comes with a pair of reversable holding dies; $25.
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#5281 Borel Jewel Gauge: No missing or damaged jewels; $79.
#5280 Marshall Staking Set: This is a large set, no missing pieces (extras in fact, includes two roller removers w/punches), with a large varied selection of punches and stumps. Includes lift, centering stake and very nice box. Overall, a very nice set for $199. More pictures here, here, here, here and here.
#5275 Seitz Jeweling Set: No missing pieces or damage, 3mm; $229. More pictures here and here.
#5272 K&D Staking Set: K&D Series 600, no missing pieces, with centering stake and lift, overall in very nice condition; $169. More pictures here, here, here and here.
#5271 Seitz Reamers: Set of all fifteen pieces (69 - 299) reamers as found in Seitz jeweling sets, no damage, each one marked with size, overall excellent condition, will not separate; $129.
#5266 Boley Staking Set: Great quality and extensive selection of 122 stakes and 18 stumps, more than you would normally get in smaller sets. Note that Boley's anvil was typically two piece, the second raising the height of the anvil for convenience. This piece is missing, but does not really have any bearing on its operation. Also, while solid, the box does have a split in the top as shown in the picture. Overall, a very nice set for $159. More pictures here, here, here and here.
#5265 Seitz Jeweling Set: A wee bit of tarnish/surface rust on some items, easily cleaned up, no missing pieces or damage; $199. More pictures here and here.
#5260B Punch Set: From France, nice cross section; $59. Another picture here.
#5237 Collet Stakes: From K&D, pair (#27 & 28) stakes for closing hairspring collets; $15/pr.
#5216 Marshall Staking Set: Little Giant from Marshall, 72 stakes and 15 stumps plus centering stake and lift, overall (including the box) in very nice condition; $139. More pictures here, here and here.
#5114X Wristwatch Balance Staff Remover: From K&D, wristwatch size, use in your staking set; $25.
#900KD Stakes: A chart for stakes is located here and here ; if your browser resizes it too small to read then (with IE) right click and "save picture as" to your desktop.
The following used K&D stakes are available at $6 each, please note that some might have some minor rust/dirt and will require cleaning up, but they have no damage:
8, 10, 14, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 58, 59, 61, A63, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 69, 71, 73, 80, 83, 84, 85, 86, 89, 93A, 102A, 103, 108, 110, 116, 117, 118, 119.
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#6574 Horolovar Book: Hardcover, the bible for 400 day clocks, has full size diagrams for assembling/measuring suspensions, full size diagrams of plates for id, plus repair tips. Included is a package of suspensions, 12 pc; $29. Another picture here.
#6573 NOS Keys: Two each #2, 3, 5, 6 and 8; $25/lot.
#102060B Screwdriver Set: Set of General, US made, quality screwdrivers, in mint condition; $19.
#6570 Wire Lot: Seven lots of wire for tying off clock hammers and the like; $12.
#6565 Suspension Material: An assortment of thin sheet material for making suspensions, plus some precut/used; $15.
#6564 Large Broaches: Lot of three pieces, very large, range is about 4.1 to 7.1mm; $29.
#6562X Hand/Gear Puller: Very good condition; $8.
#6561 Broaches: Clock size; $19.
#6557 Hand Washers: Two lots; $6.
#6556 Parts: Three lots assorted parts; $6.
#6554X Gear Puller: Good condition; $4.
#6551 Mainspring Winder: Like new; $5.
#6548 Bushing Stock: Assorted sizes to make your own bushings; $5.
#6538 Hand Remover: Very nice condition; $10.
#6496X Beat Tool: From Horolovar, speciality tool to put 400 day clock in beat; $12.
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