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Last updated Apr 22, 2017

HAND TOOLS:(click on thumbnail to expand)

#104939 Watch Repair's Manual: Excellent book by Fried, every watchmaker should have a copy of this; $39. Another picture here
#104934 Tweezers: #5, assembly tweezers w/perfect tips; $12.
#104933 Tweezers: Peer #5, assembly tweezer w/perfect tips; $12.
#104932 Tweezers: #2, 3, 4 and 5 tweezers, all w/perfect tips; $39.
#104931 Pin Vises: Lot of three tiny pin vises; $10.
#104930 Hand Gauge: Excellent condition; $15.
#104929 Watch and Clock Encyloypedia: As with anything by DeCarle, heavily illustrated and a wealth of knowldge, 307 pages; $19. Another picture here.
#104924 Pivot Drills: Small lot of pivot drills; $4.
#104922 Levin Poising Tool: Adjustable legs, perfect agate jaws, original box...think this originally had a bubble which is now missing; $59.
#104921 Movement Rests: Aluminum, lot of five, good condition; $10.
#10918 Roller Remover: Rex roller remover, complete, in my opinion the best, use in your staking set or with a bench block, will do all sizes of pocketwatches and wristwatches; $39.
#104915 Depthing Tool: Watch size, needs some cleaning up but no damage, includes original (and somewhat tattered) storage box; $49.
#104914 Stones: Lot of three assorted stones; $8.
#104913 Collet Lift: Do it right and safe way, only $10.
#104912 Rodico: Brand new; $5.
#104911 Movement Holder: Accutron 214; $4.
#104910 Oiling Setup: Set of dip style oilers, oil well w/agate center, and some oil; $25.
#104909 American Watchmaker & Jeweler: Older reference book, hardcover with 369 pages, good condition; $15. Another picture here
#104908 Collet Lift: Very good condition; $10.
#104907X Pith and Pegwood: Some of each; $8.
#104906 Movement Gauge: American on one side, ligne and mm on other; $6.
#104904 Pocketwatch Bow Pliers: For opening pocketwatch bows; $25.
#104902 Bench Block: Larger size, kind of grungy....$15.
#104901X Roller Remover: Hand held version; $10.
#104897 Mainspring Winder Set: From Watchcraft, will do all pocketwatch sizes; $129.
#104896 Trueing Calipers: From K&D, smaller size, with bending wrench; $15.
#104895 Jewel Pusher: Will do all sizes; $25.
#104894 Trueing Calipers: From Watchcraft, with bending wrench; $25.
#104893 Poising Tool: Smaller size, perfect agate jaws, adjustable legs and original fitted box; $25.
#104892 Bergeon Blower: High quality from Bergeon, very good condition; $19.
#104891X Combination Tool: Used to set jewels, annealing, broaching hands; $8. Note picture is sample, handle color may be different. Copy of instructions here.
#104889 Sleeve Wrench: Ten prong, no broken tips; $19.
#104887 Bench Keys: Set of three double ended, will do all pocketwatch sizes; $59.
#104886 Balance Screw Starter: Sliding collar for one handed operation; $10.
#104884 Gauge Assortment: Lot of four pieces; $5.
#104883X Hand Remover: For all sizes, pocket and wristwatch; $10.
#104875 Poising Tool: Swiss made, perfect agate jaws, in original fitted box; $39.
#104874 Bergeon Smoothing Broaches: 12pc set, mint condition, in original container; $29.
#104865 Screwplate: No plugged holes, no damage; $15.
#104856 Steel Ruler: US made, stainless, one side 32 & 64ths, other is 8 & 16ths; $2.
#104851 Screwhead Files: Lot of two; $25.
#104849 Screw Tip Finisher: Complete with three lanterns, good condition; $29.
#104848 Watch Broaches: Larger watch, or small clock size; $5.
#104847 Magnifier: Desk version, sits on bench over item to be magnified, about 10X; $5.
#104845 Watch Broaches: Small watch size; $10.
#104844 Watch Broaches: Medium watch size; $10.
#104843 Watch Broaches: Large watch size; $10.
#104841 Watch Paper: Keep oily fingerprints off that watch you are handling, 1000 sheets; $15.
#104840 Calipers: US made by Geneal, both inches and metric; $8.
#104825 Sliding Calipers: Inches, both in and out; $4.
#104815 Hand Remover: Presto #3A, for hands, sweep wheels, cannon new; $19.
#104810 Trueing Calipers: From Watchcraft, good condition w/bending wrench and original box; $25.
#104808X Shellac: Assortment of both flake and stick shellac; $5.
#104803 Pin Vise: Tiny; $5.
#104800 Sliding Tongs: 3/8" wide, one handed operation; $10.
#104788 Bench Block: Solid, large; $19.
#104785X Pallet Warmer: Older brass version; $8.
#104777X Hand Remover: Good condition; $8.
#104731 Cutting Broaches: An assortment of watch size cutting broaches; $15.
#104730 Screw Removal Punches: From Swartchild, missing three pieces, sold as is for $19.
#104723 Small Parts Pickup: Push on the other end (that you can't see) to open up claws, release to grasp item...and note the whole length of tool is flexible; $10.
#104722 Movement Gauge: Has both American and Swiss sizing, plus spring bar sizing; $8.
#104721 Watch Paper: Nearly full, I would guess 900 out of 1000 left; $10.
#104711 Hand Remover: Scissor style, good condition; $12.
#104695 Bergeon Oil Station: Quality at its best, chrome finish with hinged lid; $59.
#104691 Movement Holder: For smaller wristwatches; $4.
#104687 Pallet Warmer: Good condition; $8.
#104686 Mainspring Winder Set: Pocketwatch size, in wooden storage container, no damage but a bit of clean up would be nice; $99.
#104656 Gauge Lot: Movement gauge, crystal gauge and two rulers; $5.
#104627X K&D Stem/Crown Winder: Push the end to open 'claws' to grasp stem, saves on fingers; $8.
#104622 Bow Opening Pliers: For all sizes pocketwatches; $25.
#104611 Jewel Pusher: Double ended, for larger sizes; $8.
#104601 Hammer: Hardwood hammer, about 9" inches long; $5.
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#2201 Star Baffle: Multiple units available; $5 each.
#2198 Parts Container: Small parts container with screw on lid, 1/2" high x 1/2" diameter; $8.
#2191X Basket Assembly: L&R basket assembly, fits all aggetated models, this is the small size (OD 2 1/4"); $29.
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#3626 Three Jaw Chuck: Smaller size, about 2" in diameter, standard 8mm; $149. Another picture here.
#3625 Adjustable Faceplate: Standard 8mm, slight loss of finish but no damage; $89. Another picture here.
#3623 Gravers: Lot of 11 gravers; $49.
#3622 Gravers: Lot of three gravers; $19.
#3621 Bezel Chuck: Hard to find them, scrolling 6 jaw bezel chuck, standard 8mm, maker unknown, a bit dirty but no damage; $249. Another picture here.
#3620 Borel Stand: Includes the necessary mounting bolt; $39.
#3616 Wax Chucks: 8mm set; $25.
#3615 Collet Storage: Wooden block from a Peerless case; $8.
#3614 Collet Storage: Original factory case from Peerless; $25.
#3611 Balloon Chuck: 8mm, wristwatch size; $10.
#3609 8mm Collet Holding Tailstock Lathe: Marshall (private branded, this is a Peerless) 8mm lathe, indexing headstock, tip over toolrest and the real bonus is that tailstock holds collets. Mounted on a convenient 'push out of the way when not in use' Borel stand. Note that collets shown are to hold headstock & tailstock drawbars in place, and are not included. Tight and true, add a motor and go to work; $379. More pictures here, here, here and here.
#3608 Decimal Collets: Lot of six pieces; $39.
#3606 Graver Handle: No tip included; $5.
#3605 Graver Handle: With one tip; $8.
#3604 Levin Balloon Chuck Set: One for pocketwatches, one for wristwatches, in nice fitted case, 8mm; $59.
#3603 Waller Graver Holder: With no tip; $10.
#3602X Waller Graver: With one tip; $12.
#3601 Balloon Chuck: Pocketwatch size, 8mm; $19.
#3600 Pivot Polisher: Bow operated, nice condition; $39.
#3597 Jeweling Collets: Set of 10 in original storage box, require #50 collet; $25.
#3596 Crown Chucks: Used to reduce pocketwatch crowns; $25.
#3576 Countershaft: Versatile countershaft for lathe work; $99. More pictures here and here and here.
#3574 Lathe Motor: Sewing machine style, with bracket, 110V running condition but needs a plug; $10.
#3570 L&R Lathe Motor: Rugged pedestal style w/reverse switch, includes adjustable speed pulley; $99.
#3562 Starter Collet Lot: Seven pieces as shown, assorted makers, fit standard 8mm lathe; $29.
#3547 Gravers: Lot of four pieces; $19.
#3533 Saw & Arbor: Saw blade like new, about 32mm in diameter, requires #31 collet; $19.
#3532 Accessory Arbor: With 'washers' and mounted to an 8mm collet; $15.
#3531 Accessory Arbor: With 'washers' and mounted to an 8mm collet; $15.
#3530 Grinding Wheel: Like new, mounted on an 8mm collet; $12.
#3302X Dead Center Collet: Standard 8mm; $10.
#3290 Lathe Belting: Leather, 16" long and 3.5 diamter; $4.
#3282 Barkus Lap: #4, used on carbide gravers, excellent condition; $29.
#990 8mm Lathe Collets: This item changes frequently with new collets being added, so be sure to check back if you don't find the sizes you are looking for. Various makers, no damage, some might have bit of minor surface rust.
The following sizes available at eight dollars each:
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 31, 32, 34, 38, 40, 45, 46, 50.
The following sizes available at twelve dollars each:
52, 54, 56, 57, 58, 64, 66, 71, 78.
#991BOLEY 8mm Lathe Collets: The following sizes available at $10 each:
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 40.
#991LEVIN 8mm Lathe Collets: The following sizes available at $10 each:
#991PEERLESS 8mm Lathe Collets: The following sizes available at $10 each:
4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 16, 18, 22, 24.
The following sizes available at $15 dollars each:
51, 60, 68.
#991WOLFJAHN 8mm Lathe Collets: The following sizes available at $10 each:
4, 7, 8, 12, 24, 26.
Clicking here will give you a reference chart that shows collet number, diameter of opening in both mm and fractional decimals.

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#4377 Bergeon Opener:
Knife style, excellent condition; $15.
#4376 Accutron Opener:
Excellent condition; $15.
#4375X GS Gauge:
Measures both round and fantcy crystals; $2.
#4374X Watch Tool:
Measures band width (or spring bar), spring bar release and a case opener; $4.
#4373 Jaxa Opener:
In my opinion the best, includes box/holder (missing the top); $49.
#4372 Rolex Case Opener:
Factory opener, mounts to bench; $49.
#4371 Gruen Case Opener:
Factory promotional item; $5.
#4366X Crystal Lift:
Used for compression type installation and removal of round plastic crystals in wristwatches, with bench plate, picture is sample; $19.
#4360 Case Openers: Assorted, all for $10.
#4356 GS Crystal Press: No missing pieces or damage, used on waterproof crystals, instructions included; $69. More pictures here and here.
#4353 Omega Tool: Factory opener for cal 202/2242; $10.
#4346 Case Opener: Adjustable, need some cleaning up; $6.
#4345X Pocketwatch Case Opener: Suction opener for case backs, good condition; $10.
#4334X Vigor Case Opener: Adjustable, in good condition; $8.
#4330 Waterproof Case Opener: Pliers have notched end to go into notches on case back; $10.
#4323 Opener: Knife style; $5.
#4295X Pocketwatch Case Opener: Suction type open for case back of pocketwatches; $10.
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#5348 K&D Staking/Jeweling Set: It doesn't get any better than this. Deluxe set from K&D, nothing missing and lots of extras...set of balance staff removers, roller removers, jeweling attachment and set of jeweling reamers. Includes original literature that was normally packed with these when new, suspect given its nice condition the set has only had one owner. You can be the second for $499. More pictures here, here, here, here, here and here.
#5347 K&D Model 18 Staking Set: Quite nice, larger selection of stakes & stumps, includes 2 roller removers, plus it is inverto; $229. (Note the row of empty holes is for sub punches, these are rather ineffective and break easily). More pictures here and here and here.
#5344 Seitz Jeweling Set: The only way to go for jeweling, no damage, nothing missing; $199. More pictures here and here.
5343 Brass Hammer: Brass, the correct way to use your staking set; $15.
#5341 Boley Staking Set: Nice clean set with large selection of stakes and stumps, a staff remover and two piece anvil, sold box with some marks; $229. More pictures here and here.
#5340 K&D Staking Set: This is a K&D 'New Style', extra stakes and stumps, quite clean, shows minimal usage. Note there are two needed minor case repairs...first on back right hand side for stakes a piece needs to be glued back in, and the top of case needs some reglueing...otherwise, a nice extensive set yours for $229. More pictures here, here, here, here and here.
#5338 Hammer: Brass, about eleven inches long; $10.
#5337 Swiss Staking Set: Mostly complete, this set has been poorly stored and will require some cleaning do the work, you save; only $99. More pictures here and here.
#5335 K&D Staking Set: Model 17 Inverto, larger set with 120 stakes, 20 stumps...missing the two roller removers, no knockout punches...while there is no apparent damage, there is some dirt and surface clean, you save; $169. More pictures here and here.
#5274X K&D Balance Staff Remover: Wristwatch size, used in your staking set; $29.
#900 K&D Stakes: A chart for stakes is located here and here ; if your browser resizes it too small to read then (with IE) right click and "save picture as" to your desktop.
The following used K&D stakes are available at $6 each, please note that some might have some minor rust/dirt and will require cleaning up, but they have no damage:

9, 14, 16, 18, 25, 26, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 40, 42, 47, 48, 51, 52, 54, 55, 56, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93 ,94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 103, 110, 111, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119.
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#6976 Bushing Material: Hollow brass, make your own bushings; $8.
#6974 Hand/Gear Remover: Very nice; $8.
#6973 Levellers: Lot of five pieces; $5.
#6965 Bergeon Smoothing Broaches: High quality, set of 12 pieces, excellent condition; $29.
#6963 How to Repair Clocks: Softcover, 159 pages, excellent beginner's book; $15. Another picture here.
#6962 Clock Repair: Softcover, 148 pages, excellent beginner's book; $15. Another picture here.
#6961 Clock Repair's Primer: Softcover, 151 pages, bit of water stain otherwise fine, an excellent resource for the beginner; $15. Another picture here.
#6960 Questions/Answers for the Clockmaking Profession: Softcover, 224 pages, in Q&A format, excellent for both beginners and seasoned professionals, nice condition; $25. Another picture here.
#6953 Smoothing Broaches: Assorted sizes, lot of smoothing broaches; $25.
#6948 Practical Clockwork: Hardcover w/dustcover, 239 pages, another gem from DeCarle; $19. Another picture here.
#6947 Repairing Antique Clocks: Hardcover w/dustcover, 227 pages, excellent condition; $19. Another picture here.
#6943 KWM Bushing Lot: In nice wooden storage container, with chart, estimate 400+ pieces; $99. Another picture here.
#6941 Movement Holding Vise: With instructions and bench clamp, mint condition; $10.
#USED KEYS: We have the following used clock keys available at $4 each:
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 11, 12.
#6915 Clock Tool: 12" long, magnet at one end, other end is (I think) wire tyer; $4.
#6906 Bergeon Mainspring Winder: It doesn't get any better this. High quality, rugged missing pieces from this clock mainspring winder (for barrel mainsprings only). Note this is the 'larger' version, has nine barrels instead of eight. In original wooden box; $359. More pictures here, here and here.
#6898 Mainspring Winder: Older style, likely made in France, very good condition with excellent ratchet; $39.
#6887 Bushings: Small lot of assorted bushings; $8.
#6865 Clocks and Their Value: Hardcover w/dustcover, 159 pages...well written as is everything by DeCarle; $12. Another picture here .
#6839 Mainspring Punch: From Bergeon, mint condition; $25.
#6835 Screwdrivers: Lot of five clock sized screwdrivers, all US made by General; $6.
#6820X Mainspring C Clamps: Pair of larger size, multiple units available.; $2/pr.
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