Public Libraries Acceptable Use Policies and Guidelines
For Canada and Other Information of Interest to Librarians

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(revised September 20, 2001)

OLITA Resources

 OLITA Internet Access Toolkit

CLA Resources

CLA Statement on Internet Access
Have a Safe Trip! A Parent's Guide to Safety on the Internet
Internet Service in Public Libraries - A Matter of Trust

Public Libraries

Arnprior Public Library
Aurora Public Library
Banff Library
Barrie Public Library
Borden Public and Military Library
Bracebridge Public Library
Brampton Public Library
Brantford Public Library
Brockville Public Library
Bruce County Public Library
Burlington Public Library
Burnaby Public Library
Cape Breton Regional Library
Clearview Public Library
Cobourg Public Library
Coquitlam Public Library
Cornwall Public Library
Dorion Public Library
Ear Falls Public Library
East Ferris Public Library
Edmonton Public Library
Elgin County Public Library
Essa Centennial Library
Fort Langley Public Library
Fraser Valley Regional Library
Gananoque Public Library
Goulbourn Public Library
Grand Forks and District Public Library
Haliburton County Public Library
Halifax Public Library
Hamilton Public Library
Innisfil Public Library
Kanata Public Library
Kingston Frontenac Public Library
Kitchener Public Library
Leonard E. Shore Memorial Library
Lillooet Public Library
Lincoln Public Library
Lloydminster Public Library
Markham Public Libraries
Marmora & Lake Public Library
Milton Public Library
New Westminister Public Library
Newfoundland and Labrador Public Library
Newmarket Public Library
Niagara On The Lake
North Vancouver District Public Library
Oakville Public Library
Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library
Pembroke Public Library
Perth and District Public Library
Peterborough Public Library
Penticton Public Library
Port Rowan Public Library
Powassan & District Union Public Library
Prince Rupert Virtual Library
Regina Public Library
Richmond Public Library
St. Catharines Public Library
SD&G County Library
Sioux Lookout Public Library
Springwater Library Internet Policy
Stratford Public Library
Strathcona County Library
Surrey Public Library (BC)
Thompson-Nichola Regional District Library System
Thunder Bay Public Library
Toronto Public Library
Vancouver Public Library
Vaughan Public Libraries
Waterford Public Library
Welland Public Library
Western Manitoba Regional Library

Educational Sites

Concordia University College
Queen's University
Ryerson University
Seneca College
University of Guelph Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines
University of Saskatchewan
York Region District School Board

Other Interesting Sites

Develop an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Electronic Frontier Canada
Guidelines for Consdierations for Developing a Public Library Internet Use Policy
Household Internet Use
Internet Advocate
Internet Filtering in Public Libraries
Internet Policies
Internet Policy Issues in New Zealand
Internet Policy Toolkit
Issues Addressed By AUPS
Links for Library Interent Policy Development
Managing the Net at the Public Library
Preparing Teachers For Effective and Wise Use of the Internet in Schools
Web Awareness: Knowing The Issues
With Our Backs Against the Wall: Managing Access to Internet Pornography in Libraries

American Examples of AUP's

 ALA Guidelines and Considerations for Developing a Public Library Internet Use Policy
 Alachua County Library District
 Alhambra Public Library
 Bridgeport Public Library
 Chandler Public Library
 Cleveland Heights - Univeristy Heights Public Library
 Dallas Public Library
 Dallas Public Library
 Downey Public Library
 East Lake Community Library
 Federal Depository Library Program
 Flora Lamson Hewlett Library
 Fort Bragg Public Library
 Glendale Public Library
 Greenwich Library
 Harrington Library Consrtium
 Harrison Public Library
 Haverhill Public Library
 Herrick District Library
 Internet Access Policy: Resources for Maine Librarians
 Jacksonville Public Library
 Jefferson County Public Library
 Kokomo-Howard Public Library
 Longmont Public Library
 McAllen Memorial Library
 Manatee Public Library
 Marin County Free Library
 Memphis Shelby County Public Library
 Missoula Public Library
 Newark Public Library
 Newport Public Library
 Pima Public Library
Pioneer Library System
 Prescott Public Library
 San Antonio Public Library
 Seattle Public Library
 Two Harbors Public Library

Email Tutorials

 AT&T Email Tutorial
 City Internet Email Tutorial
 Clear Works Email Tutorial
 Email Tutorials
 Help with Internet E-mail and Mailing Lists

Internet Training

An Introduction to Using Netscape for Internet Browsing
Beginners Central
Beginner's Guide to Chat
Beginner's Guide to Life and the Internet
Cap Site User Friendly Internet Manual
Delivering Training Workshops
Evaluating Web Resources
Evalution Criteria
Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet
How To Evaluate Web Pages
How to Use Netscape Navigator 4
Introduction to Netscape Navigator World Wide Web Browser
Intenet Guide (TIG) and Guide de resources Internet Francophone
Internet Guides, Tutorials and Training Information
Learning the Internet 1
Microsoft Insider: The Complete Internet Guide and Web Tutorial
Netscape Tutorial
Netcape Tutorial: Doorway to the World Wide Web
Netscape/WWW Tutorial
Search Engine Colossus
Search the Internet
Surfing Tips
Teacher's Guide to the Internet
Thinking Critically About WWW Resources
Tools for the Internet Trainer
Training Materials
Tutorial Guide to Effective Searching the Internet
How to Use Netscape
Welcome to the Web Tutorial
Welcome to This Beginner's Tutorial

Netscape 6 Information

Netscape 6
Netscape 6
Netscape 6
Netscape 6
Netscape 6 Email
Netcape 6 Ready For Browsing
Tech Reviews

Microsoft Access Tutorials

Microsoft Access Tutorials: On-line Version
Spreadsheets and Databases

Microsoft Excel

Excel Help Page
Financial Functions in Microsoft Excel
Learning Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word Tutorials

Advanced Microsoft Word
Getting Started With Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word: A Consultant's Tutorial
Microsoft World Tutorial
Word On-Line Tutorials
Word Processing

PowerPoint Tutorials

Create PowerPoint Presentations
Info and Resources for Microsoft PowerPoint Users
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint
Online PowerPoint 7.0 Lessons
PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
Presentation Graphics

Presentation Tutorials/Information

The Art of Communicating Effectively

Summer Reading Programs

Lansdown Public Library

Library/Patron Surveys

Souteast Regional Library


Fundraising: A Virtual Guide For Small and Medium-sized Public Libraries

Conference Handouts

 29th Workshop on Instruction in Library Use

One Library Card

ALA National Library Card Sign Up Month
Alaska State Library: Library Services and Technology Act, Alaska State Plan 1998-2002
Alberta Library Card
Library and Information Services for the Minnesota Virtual University
One Card + Project: Final Report (Alberta)
Public Libraries Regulations 1996 (Sasktachewan)

Best Practices WWW Sites

Best Practice
Best Practices
Best Practices
"Best Practices, LLC is the world's premier provider of best practice information. This online database provides our customers quick and easy access to intelligence that makes them more successful"
Best Practices of City Governments
Best Practice Project Final Report (Library Services Division)
Best Practices Toolkit
Benton Foundation.
Communication Practices: How to Change the World and Have Fun
Internet Resources for Best Practice Management
Learning Through the Library
Library Documentation Catalog
Links to library best practices documents.
Library Policies: Public Library Plan 1999/2000
Library Task Force: Best Practices - New Measures of Library Excellence
University of Calgary
Library Wins Australian First in Best Practice
On The Path Toward a Proactive Library
Quality in Library and Information Services
World Best Quality and World Best Practice Resources

Benchmarking WWW Sites

Benchmarking and Best Practices
Treasury Board of Canada
Benchmarking and Internal Auditing
Benchmarking Basics For Librarians
PowerPoint presentation.
Benchmarking Data: Background to Public Libraries
Benchmarking for Information Professionals
The Benchmarking Process
Benchnet: The Benchmarking Exchange
Not For Profit Benchmarking Association
Useful Links to Benchmarking Sites
Value of Benchmarking for Law Libraries

Library Improvement Plans

Arcadia Unified School District's Library Plan Report
Bay County Library System
Blosser Lane Improvement Plan
Fremont Unified School District Library
Library Improvement Plan 2000
Library Improvement Plan to Assist Small Hospital Libraries
Mary Lee Burbank School Library Employment Plan For 2000-2001
Mission San Jose High School Library Plan
RPM Library Improvement Plan
South Bay Union School District Library Media Center Program Plan 1998-2003
West Islip Gives Okay to Library Improvement Plan
West Islip Public Library Building Improvement Plan

Related Links

1999-2000 School Accountability Report Card
Comprehensive School Improvement Plan and Annual Progress Report
Creating Yoyr School Improvement Plan
Developing A School or District Technology Plan
Integrated School Improvement Planning
Library Technology Planning
Missouri School Improvement Program: Comprehensive School Improvement Plan Handbook
School Improvement Plan Development Guide and School Improvement Plan Template
School Improvement Plan Starter Kit
What Is A School Improvement Plan?
Writing A School Improvement Plan

ESL Resources

Dave's ESL Cafe