34 September 24 1980
Wednesday night
10:30 pm
Leeds Survived 35 days

Dr Upadhya Bandara was a thirty-four-old doctor from Singapore when she was attacked by Peter Sutcliffe. She was visiting Leeds to attend a course at Nuffield Centre. On Wednesday, September 24 1980, after visiting friends, she was walking home at night in Headingley, Leeds. She was walking on Otley Road, near the Arndale Centre and as she passed by the Kentucky Fried Chicken Shop she noticed a man inside staring at her. She continued on her way and eventually turned into a dimly-lit cobbled street called Chapel Lane which was an alleyway shortcut through to Cardigan Road.

At around 10:30 pm, while walking in the alleyway, she moved off to one side to let someone overtake her, when she was hit twice over the head and knocked unconscious, and a length of rope was looped around her neck. Sutcliffe began dragging her down the road and realised her shoes were making a scraping noise. While she lay on the ground, he removed her shoes and, along with her handbag, and put them over a wall.

Mrs Valerie Nicholas, whose house backed onto the spot where Dr Bandara was attacked, heard a noise and came out her back door to investigate. She then called the police. Sutcliffe, disturbed, quickly left the scene. Dr Bandara regained consciousness to find a police officer, who had been patrolling in the area, standing over her. He had arrived moments after Sutcliffe had left.

Before she had lost consciousness, she had seen her attacker and described him as about aged 25, 5' 4" in height, with black hair and a full beard and moustache. Due to the lack of any stab wounds, and the use of a ligature, the attack was not considered to be a Ripper attack. The attack was, however, linked to the murder of Marguerite Walls and the police believed they had a new killer to contend with.

STATEMENTS BY PETER SUTCLIFFE (Confessions, trial testimony, conversations, etc.)

"Yes I used it (a blue and pink cord) on that girl at Headingley not so long ago. She was walking slow like a prostitute, I followed her down the narrow road. I hit her on the head with a hammer. I didn't have any tools on me to finish her, so I used that rope to strangle her, but I was overcome with remorse, so I didn't finish her off. I apologised to her and left her there."

(Statement to police, January 5 1981. Source: Bilton.)
(NOTE: While Sutcliffe confessed to this attack, it did not get included in his January 4/5 1981 confession statement.)

"At the time I was having messages. I simply heard the word 'Stop' and I felt that way about it myself so I left the scene. I was having a conflict and found it extremely horrible, the act of strangling her. That is when I heard the word 'Stop'."

(Statement made by Peter Sutcliffe during his testimony at his trial. Source: Jones.)

"Yes, I used the rope on that girl. She was walking slowly along like a prostitute, and I hit her on the head with a hammer. I had looped a rope round her neck. I didn't have any tools with me to finish her off so I used the rope. I dragged her down the road and her shoes were making a scraping noise. I apologised to her and took her shoes off and put them over a wall with her handbag.''

(Statement to police, read out in court during his trial. Source: Jones, Yallop.)

(NOTE: Source material (details): Burn, Cross, Jones. Source material (quotes): Bilton, Jones, Yallop.)