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Crochet Hook Holders

Details and Information
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Wood Types and Variations
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Details and Information   back to top
Holders available at London's 35th Christmas Craft Festival December 4 to 7, 2014.     Happy Face
   The Crochet Hook Holder is Only available locally.   (London, Ontario, Canada)
   The MkII General Purpose Holder is available at the Christmas Craft Festival.
   Also the MkIII General Purpose Holder PROTOTYPE is up for sale too!  And it's the only MkIII ever made!
Crochet Hook Holders, a large Image of
Designed for Aluminum, Plastic, and Wooden Crochet Hooks
It's an excellent gift for anyone who crochets, as it also helps organize, size & keep track of hooks.
· Its made from solid wood and designed to last generations.
    (often from red oak & white birch, pine, spruce or poplar).
· Each number & letter is easy to read, as they are punched and coloured by hand.
· Has all 4 gauge sizes!  (3 to 10mm & a 16mm,  11 to 000 UK/CDN,   D to N & Q,   #3 to #16 & #19US)
· Sanded smooth, enameled or varnished, and finished off with cork feet.
· Holds up to 30 Crochet Hooks!
The end result is very sturdy, practical with it's sizes, with a classic visual appeal!

Additional Images   back to top
Each piece is sanded smooth top to bottom.
Even the end grains of each piece are sanded very smoothly!
If you don't want it enameled or varnished, just let me know initially.

Wood Types and Variations   back to top
The wood grain and colouration does vary significantly, making each piece unique.
Don't give a preference when ordering, and let us pick one for you.  Happy Face

Red Oak & Pine (or Spruce)
(Default 1)

Red Oak & Poplar
(Default 2)

History   back to top
This design came about when I was asked to make one but could not find any precedent.
A simple project became a nightmare when I could not find a reliable hole size guide.
So after several weeks of research, hundreds of charts, numerous discussions, near countless measurements, many sketches, & a few prototypes later, this holder model was finally created.
Designed to be sturdy, visually appealing, & practical yet will stand the test of time.
This design has only the more commonly used sizes.
The 16mm size came about since everyone seemed to have a favorite hook larger than 9mm.
Some manufacturers don't correctly size & mark the hooks.
As a result some may be marked differently than may be measured!

Custom Ordering   back to top
We can make to order our holders to your specifications.
· Tell us the sizes you'd like.
· Let us know the type of woods.
· What finish would you like enamel, varnish, wax, oil, none.
(For example: Maple & Black Oak, 4 x 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9mm, 2 x 10mm)
Good quality craftmanship lends a timeless 'touch of class' look to each one!

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