FBN Multimedia

FBN Multimedia's first production was ScrollQuest, a short film created in 1993. You can view the film online by following the Films link on the main page. It was a difficult project, and nothing new was created until 2000.
2000 saw the opportunity for special effects and several experiments were undertaken. First was So Cool, a short film about a driver. It was followed by Star Wars Kids, viewable on the Short Films page. These experiments led to the updating of ScrollQuest and a renewed interest in filmmaking.
From this point, the "Film A Year" period began. All told, between 2001 and 2009, 11 feature and short films were completed. This abundance of work allowed for the honing of shooting, editing and visual effects skills.
During this period, FBN Multimedia worked with several other production companies, performing a variety of tasks for Cerabolic Productions, Ratling Productions, Color Red Productions and Steamworld Entertainment.
Also during this period, The Film Harvest, a festival of local independent film, created and ran by FBN Multimedia, which ran for five years, brought FBN Multimedia into contact with many other filmmakers.

C. Edward Stewart

Stewart began his acting career on the stage early in life, appearing in several school plays throughout his scholastic career. This culminated in his appearing on stage at the Factory Theatre in Aurora.
Stewart experimented with film as early as 11 years old. His first big step into filmmaking came in 1993, with ScrollQuest, which he wrote, directed, acted and edited. The task, involving multiple VCRs, live recording and synced music tracks, made filmmaking appear beyond the reach of the individual.
Acquiring hardware and software to create films digitally, Stewart dusted off his previous production and added all new special effects. The simplicity of this process, compared with the agonies of post production on ScrollQuest, revitalized his love of film.
His career moved forward again with 2001's ScrollQuest II: The Return Of Blackwings. By 2014, he had completed seven feature films, six short films, and created several online shows, currently in the fifth year of production.
Stewart has 17 IMDb credits in several categories, including acting, directing, effects work and more.
He is currently working on a collaboration with Steamworld Entertainment to produce an eight episode web series.