And in the night

And, in the night
When two hands meet
There will be
Four truths

One will be love
One will be dreams
One will be the end
Of loneliness

For the last
There are no words
Only a warmth
Kept by lovers
Over the years
In those nights
When two hands meet.

Come and Spend This Night With Me

Come and spend this night with me
There’s ashes on the wind
And in the endless dark we’ll find
Where love and time begin

Come and spent the night with me
We’ll listen to the dark
Beneath the vault of endless sky
For you are flame, I am spark

You are flame, I am spark
And in the velvet night
In torch and touch and sudden flame
To find, then hold on tight.

Come and Share the World

Come and share this world with me
The night is full of fears
And on tomorrow’s trails, we’ll place
Our footprints on the years

Come and share the night with me
Warmth on warmth in dark
And when the wind shakes the skies
You’ll be fire, I’ll be spark

You be fire, I’ll be spark
Against the fears of night
In reach and touch and sudden flame
Enfold, then hold on tight.

A Wish

May your days be gentle
The sunlight on your sleeves;
May the wind be light enough
To barely tremble leaves

May the future find you
In the places you desire
May the evenings find you
Sitting by a fire

And when the morning sun
Makes diamonds of the dew
May your day begin with
A simple “I love you”

When those years all take you
To where you want to be
May your hearts be singing
Wild and brave and free

May there be laughter
In your life and in your heart;
Welcome to the turning point
Where your new lives start.

The Blessing

The days go by
The highways bend
God powers a world
With no known end

He scans the Earth
Sees us, smiles
As we happen on
His chosen miles.


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