Other Songs

These are lyrics to which no tunes have been added yet. If you have a tune, go for it.

Cancer Ward

Bless the good guys and the cowards
Heroes, hookers, and them all
In the cancer ward we answer
Lord God's cattle call

And the humpin' and the dyin'
They're just part of the song
They're just God's way of sayin'
Git along, little dogies, get along

I saw my old friend Arnie
Just recovering from the knife
In the cancer ward at Western
And he asked me, What is life?

So I told him the good lies
Things about God and plans and pain
Then I went out the big glass doors
To a cold November rain

I drove home behind a truck
Full of cattle, and I thought
Arnie, you tried for freedom
Hey, universe, thanks a lot

So bless the good guys and the cowards
Heroes, hookers, and them all
The whisper of a needle is just
Lord God's cattle call.

No Place to Run

Late at night, I was out in the park
Way up in a tree, inhaling the dark
Watching the stars, Venus and Mars
Holding my body tight to the bark

Hey, hey come to me, hon'
Hey, hey, look what we've done
We came right down to the edge of this town
And found ourselves with no place to run

We had us a time, and God, it was fun
Sang in the night and danced in the sun
I gave you my heart, a good place to start
Till I discovered it left us with no place to run

In a town this small there's no place to hide
You want to survive, you join in the ride
You keep your lover hid under a cover
And sit in a tree till your tears have all dried

I haven't an answer, and I haven't a gun
I've added it up and I comes out to "none"
There's no-one to blame, we lost at the game
And I don't know how we could ever have won.

The Damned of the Queen Lizzie Highway

The peach trees are bare in the November darkness
While long lines of lost souls roll on through the rain
What can we do, we need the money?
And we've done it before, so we can do it again

We are the damned of the Queen Lizzie Highway
Driving to work in Japanese-cars
We've lost our vision in the glare of the headlights
God save us all, we just want to see stars

There's a backup ahead, the radio warns us
The Queen Lizzie slowing down to a crawl
Some poor bastard, he's changing a tire
God help him, but God help us all.

Once we dreamed of the stars we would gather
Dreamed of bright futures cupped in our hands
Now all we think of is sleeping on Saturday
And raking the leaves off our small bits of lands

The peach trees are bare in the November darkness
I'm singing sad songs in the halogen light
And all around me in the rains of November
Thousands of lost souls drive on through the night.

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