Links to Tunes on the Web

Sources of the Music:

Generally it’s (at this time) possible to get versions of the tunes from the web by searching the song name and adding “mp3”, “youtube”, or“video”, as in “The Merry Ploughboy youtube”. Often you get a sample to advertise a ringtone download.

Email me at if you find better sources.

The Merry Ploughboy was an English song that was converted to an IRA anthem, and is more often known as “Off to Dublin in the green, in the green”. I found it at and

Sloop John B may be found at and

Slewfoot I found at and

Gotta Travel On and

Botany Bay

Ye Banks and Braes o Bonny Doon

Crawdad Song

Battle Hymn of the Republic, or John Brown’s Body

Flow Gently Sweet Afton

The Leaving of Liverpool

Green Grow the Lilacs

Tom Dooley

I Went to the Animal Fair

Home on the Range

On Top of Old Smokey

Michael Finnegan.

The Ants Go Marching One by One. The same tune as When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again. ,

Cielito Lindo. A popular Latin American song. ,

Down in the Valley

Whole World in His Hands

Grandpa's Whiskers


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