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Grand River at Caledonia

This is just at the north side of town, on the east side of the river.

There's no ramp at this site, but it's a good place to drag a canoe, scanoe, or kayak down to the river. You can go several kilometers upstream (and up a couple of creeks on the east side) if you don't mind floatplanes and water skiers.

You can't go downstream: there's a deadly dam just below the launch point.

After I dragged the Scanoe to the water, I discovered there was a wooden dock at the south end of the site.

43 04' 33" N
79 57' 46" W

Picture taken 2008-08-01

My references page pblswo, pictures caledonia1 and mplswo02.


Grand River at Cayuga

This is just south of downtown, on the east side of the river. Concrete lamp. Looks to be free. Parking along the streets, I guess.

I'd taken the picture and was leaving when I found another concrete ramp a block south. It looks to be free, too.

Grand River at Cambridge

This is called the Moses Blair Landing. There's a dirt and mud ramp. I'm not sure why: the river here's too shallow for motorboats.

It's off Fountain Street South, not much south of the 401. It's a free park with lots of free parking. Picture 2008-08.

Here's my friend Simon Crouch carrying a canoe to the river. From here it's over an hour to the next take-out at George Street.

44 23' 07" N
80 23' 04" W



Grand River at Cambridge

This is at Cambridge Riverbluffs Park, off George Street North.

43 22' 12" N
80 19' 29" W

There's a concrete ramp a wooden dock, and parking for a dozen or more cars. There's a nice pool of water above the dam that's visible downstream.

Grand River South of Cambridge

This is on the east bank of the Grand, about a kilometer south of the lower bridge, by the GTO gas station.

The parking lot's used for the head of the Cambridge-Paris bike trail. All 20 or so parking spaces may be taken up by people with hiking sticks or bikes.

Grand River near Paris

Mr.Gord Varney reports:


It's free, but you have to drag the boat a few feet..

43 37' 19" N
80 34' 00" W


A rather nice launch for a reservoir that's not all that large. Note the heron. Parking on town streets. Lost my notes where I wrote down the GPS coordinates.

picture blbr



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