Public Boat Launches on Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island's a delight for a boater. Not only are there lots of launch sites, but the signs to mark them are still in place.

All pictures and informatin from June, 2008.

South Baymouth

This is where the ferry from the mainland lands. Not far away there's a harbour and a good concrete launch ramp. The rates, as posted on a sign, list a $6 ramp fee. There's parking for several cars nearby, and more along the roads not far away. I assume the parking's free.


Sandfield on Lake Manitou


Sheguiandah Bay

The rates, as posted on a sign, list a docking fee, but for ramp, it's "Donation."

There's a concrete ramp, and lots of parking. Finding the place, from Highway 6, however, can be difficult. Follow all the roads, and one will get you there eventually.

45 53' 44" N
81 54' 49" W

Little Current

There's a big concrete ramp and lots of parking.

45 59' 06" N
81 56' 01" W

Highway 6, south of Espanola

There's a flat-rock launch, an old wooden dock, and lots of parking. The water's pretty shallow. There's a donation box with a $5 fee, but the box has been adjusted (possibly with a steel bar) so that there's no way to donate any more.

46 00' 54" N
81 46' 481" W




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