Public Boat Launches in the Kawarthas

I define the Kawarthas pretty loosely: it includes the area east of Lake Simcoe, north of Lake Ontario, west of Marmora, and south of Bancroft.

I've borrowed (with many thanks) from a handout called "Boat Launching in the Kawarthas", issued by Peterborough and the Kawarthas Tourism; A division of the Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corporation
175 George St. N- Peterborough, ON K9J 3G6
(705) 742-2201 - 1-800-461-6424 - fax (705) 742-2494 -

As I check out those launch sites, I'll add GPS references, notes, and pictures.


Chemong Lake (on this page)

The Otonabee and Lake Katchewanooka

Buckhorn, Clear, and Stony Lakes

Coon, Big Cedar. and Julian Lakes

Long Lake, Loon Call Lake, Anstruther Lake, Jack Lake, Chandos Lake, Eels Lake

Crowe Lake & Crowe River

Mississaugua Lake, Gold Lake, Beaver Lake, Catchacoma Lake

Belmont Lake, Round Lake, Cordova Lake, Oak Lake

Indian River

Kashabog Lake

Pigeon Lake

Rice Lake

Chemong Lake

Chemong (occasionally spelled Chemung) doesn't have much in the way of visible public boat launches, but I've tracked a few good enough for small boats. Some are just there because a public road happens to meet the shoreline.

All pictures taken in 2008.

End of 12th Line

Where the 12th line meets the water near Pratt's Marina Road and Selwyn Shores Road. There's parking for maybe two cars with trailers. Wooden dock, dirt ramp.

44 27' 32" N
78 20' 50" W


End of 14th Line

The 14th line crosses the Buckhorn Road at a sign, "Redwing Road." The map calls it Upper Chemong Drive. In either case there's a lane that becomes a gravel ramp. There are no posted signs for or against launching or parking, just a sign against littering. It would be difficult to find a parking space along the gravel road, but perhaps there's space along Buckhorn Road somewhere.

44 29' 26" N
78 19' 37" W


Bridgenorth Causeway

There are a couple of launches from the causeway, at the west end. This is on the west end of the causeway, on the north side. There's a small gravel launch with plenty of parking.



Bridgenorth Causeway

There are a couple of launches from the causeway, at the west end. This is on the west end of the causeway, on the south side. It's maintained (although a bit roughly) as the Rotary Park. Concrete ramp. Lots of parking.

44 23' 14" N
78 23' 59" W


There are a couple of launches from Bridgenorth Streets that go down to meet the water. These are suitable for canoe, scanoe, or kayak only.

At the end of Willcox Road (which I drove by, but can't find on a map).

44 22' 48" N
78 23' 11" W


and at the end of Maitland Street. Looks like you might be able to launch a small boat, but you'll have to find street parking somewhere.

44 22' 41" N
78 23' 16" W


End of Clonakilty Line

The Clonakilty Line runs right to the water on the west shore of Chemong, fairly near the south end of the lake. There are no signs in regards to launching boats. There's parking for one or two cars at the launch site, and probably more along the nearby roads. I don't know why there's a picnic table in the water.


44 21' 29" N
78 25' 29" W

Hilton Hangout Doggie-Doo Boat Slide

You can get access to Chemong if you know the Hiltons and if you happen to drop off a beer or three on the way past the cottage. The quantity of doggie-doo ensures your boat will slide easily into the water.

Others, with Rumours

Wollaston Lake; It's possible there are some sort of boat launches on




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