General Concepts

Axiom 1: for a country to remain united, there must be disadvantages to separation of minority components.

Axiom 2: For a minority group, it is easy to see the advantages of separation.

Axiom 3: Each group (majority and minority) must have a carefully defined set of rights and a set of responsibilities.


The Advantages of Staying United

The natural advantages of a minority remaining within a larger country are principally:

If these are not enough to convince a minority group to prefer being part of a larger entity, then artificial advantages must be presented or the minority group must be kept by force. Artificial advantages are generally more cost-effective, but do involve a fair amount of negotiation.

Many of the artificial advantages require economic concessions on the part of the majority; many more are emotional and can be created at a reasonably low cost.



As a general principle, long-established boundaries will remain unchanged except by consensus, even if they are no longer logical. If necessary, a long-term international group will be created to advise both sides in any dispute.


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