Selected Canoe Poems

This canoe poetry is free for your use. All my poetry about canoeing may be used without charge (as long as I get acknowlegement as the author). Lenny Everson -


The evening water’s still as space
And as clear as London gin
I sit beside the fireplace
Down at the One-Pine Inn

The residents murmur quietly
And inspect my tender skin
Approving of the evening meal
Served at the One-Pine Inn

There’s dirt beneath my fingernails
And hair on my unshaved chin
But nobody seems to really mind
Here at the One-Pine Inn

The supper is stew, as usual
Served in a sooty tin
But it’s hot and filling and what I need
For my stay at the One-Pine Inn

I had to park my own canoe
And drag my own stuff in
And after midnight it gets right chill
In October, at the One-Pine Inn

But the Management responds to all complaints
With an awkward lunar grin
And serves an after-dinner round of peace
Again, at the One-Pine Inn

Life is short
Time is long
Makes smooth bones
Of the strong

Here, the feel
Of polished rock
Hushes thought
Stifles talk

Pause in paddle:
Spotted stones
Are old Earth's
Sunwashed bones

Water laps
At the base
Move on gently
Past this place

Granite's hard
But time is long
Makes smooth Bones
Of the strong



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