Lake Simcoe

Orillia, North Shore of Lake Simcoe

Orillia's home to the Perch Festival and host to lots of boats, so there are launches available. You can launch from Highway 12 onto Simcoe, if you really think your boat's big enough for that lake.

44 36' 22" N
079 23' 10" W

This launch area's got signs, but you have to follow them a ways through some suburbs.

There's lots of parking (although I imagine some days it's full anyway).


Eugenia Lake

South of the town of Eugenia, at the southwest corner of the lake.

Yeah, practically in the middle of nowhere. Nice ramp, good dock, quite a bit of parking, especially if you include the lot for the beach next to the launch. There are signs from the highway to the launch area.

Charges are collected only on weekends and holidays.

44 18' 48" N
080 30' 46" W


Holland Landing

On the Holland River

In July of 2012 I got the following email, which I am happy to put here.

There is a Marina in Holland Landing on the Holland River (a two hour paddle to Cook's Bay). The water is very calm on the river and for the most part powerboats are pretty respectful of non-powered vessels. 

My father is the owner and said that he would honour a $10 entrance fee (for canoes and kayaks) if your website is mentioned. I am an avid supporter of non-powered vessels, less noise, pollution, etc.  

This is the name of the website:  I have been told that it is the closest marina to Toronto that has a $10 fee to get access to Simcoe.

Thank you,

Daniel Carvalho

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