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Once or twice a year I get emails* from people who have stumbled onto this web site. Good-hearted souls, all of them, they often tell me about other places to launch a canoe or small boat, and I really appreciate that.

Up till now, I've been putting these notes into the appropriate sections of the Boat Launches site. But this whole Web site was created from FrontPage97, which is, in computer terms, equivalent to paleolithic. And it's about as easy to update as carving on stone.

So I've created this sub-section to hold the suggestions and comments from my readers.

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From James Rankin, February, 2015

Here are three launch sites that I don't think you have listed:

 1)  Pigeon Lake western shore. 
     68-90 Walmac Shores Rd
     Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0
     44.515644, -78.518806

      This is a fantastic site with lots of bays to the south to explore.  There is ample space to park.  I have left my vehicle there all day while fishing without any problem.

 2)  North Scugog / Cross Creek
     854-974 River Rd
     Lindsay, ON K9V 4R4
     44.288715, -78.737711

      This is possibly my favourite site to go.  If you look on Google Maps there is a street view where you can see that there is amply parking and a very easy launch site.  From the site I cross under the River Road bridge, head about 150 metres south and then west  along Cross Creek.   The creek is  very shallow at some points, but it's gentle windy path is a pleasure to paddle through.  I think you and your wife would find it a fantastic   afternoon's paddle if you are able to travel to this location.

 3) Longs Lake
     2-112 Beach Rd
    Utterson, ON P0B 1M0
    45.202985, -79.350856

     This site is where I caught the fishing bug 5 years ago when my family and I rented a cottage on Beach Road.  At the end of the road is a public park and picnic area and beach with ample parking.  Longs lake is a tiny body of water which you could probably paddle around the circumference in an hour or so. However, there is a lot of great wildlife to watch out for (including bears, at least, there was when I was there).  I would say though that location is best used mid-week or early morning  as I found that  the limited size of the lake left the  motorized vessels taking over with water skiing and tube towing which I didn't much care for.

 I am planning a few road trips once winter thaws away to scout out a bunch of other opportunities and if I find some worthy ones I'll let you know.

 By the way, my "ride" is a Hobie Mirage Outback.   You should take a look - lots of videos on YouTube.

 Take Care,


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