A Winter Without the Memory of Sinning/In the Purgatory of Sins Not Committed

Here Are My Poems in This Topic

(These represent things I should have done last summer!)

Balls to the Wind LE01

Such a summer day
Only God could make
On a trail
I happened to take

An Eden of sunlight
An Elysian field
Pan pipes calling
Who could not yield?

An old guy naked
Head to his toes
Clothes scattered on clover
Dancing he goes

Into this world
And out willy-nilly
So few chances for sunlight
On our genetilly!

I see London
I see France
Is this world up for Lenny
Without his pants?

An old clover field
A few weeds there
An old guy with burs
In his public hair

Arcadian Valhalla
Utopian chance
Out in the sunlight
I did my dance.

Cedar LE02

By an arbor vitae cedar
I sat in the shade
Waiting for some truth
I couldn't evade

From my Protestant mind
I pushed all thought away
And told Ultimate Truth
"I'm ready, okay?"

The world spun slowly
Days happened by
I spent hours tracking
The flow of the sky

At night I kept watch
(Though mostly I slept)
Bugs tested my blanket
Shadows, unknown, crept

I never found The truth
Or it never found me
So I never found out
If I'm chained or I'm free

I lost a few days
I lost a few hours
But I sure enjoyed
The wind and the flowers.


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