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by John A. Vance
written primarily for other pros/semi pros and the extremely ardent sportfishers and hunters!






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All races, creeds and religions welcome, and with no sexual discrimination! A special message for single parents, new and 2nd/3rd generation emigrants and a special welcome for people of any sexual orientation. 
Welcome all.

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by John A. Vance

A personal message from John A. Vance...

NEW FOR 2012- COST EFFECTIVE 'HANDS ON' PERSONALIZED TRAINING COURSES/WORKSHOPS - GEARED TO YOUR HOLIDAYS!  'Specialty' training courses available such as either/or Building and learning to run BOTH larger Pb's for the big water - or the smaller in-line boards! But there's MUCH MORE with MANY outdoor oriented courses available for the ardent outdoors enthusiast! Learn How to properly 'Bottom Bouncer' fish, or ICE FISHING, and a whole host of other similar fishing related potentials.

! Come here, to my area while on your holidays and learn “how to” YOU SIMPLY BOOK THE TIME OF YOUR CHOICE OF DESIRED COURSES/WORKSHOPS FOR YOUR HOLIDAYS! These are very 'cost effective' and geared to be hands on, where possible, and as much as possible, with intensive learning - and fun,  and gives you 'one on one' personalized training by myself , John A. Vance! You CAN ALSO SHARE THE COSTS amongst up to three or four of your family or fishin' buds! This is also a great opportunity to get together for a bunch of 'guys' from a fishing/hunting/game club! TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT OF YOUR DESIRED TIME, PLEASE BOOK YOUR DATE/COURSES PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL DATE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Some courses can be run at ANY TIME OF THE YEAR, whereas others can only be run seasonally! Contact me for more details!

If you wish to email me from here, see the sidebar with my direct email address!
WHAT THESE COURSES ARE - these courses are a great way for family/friends to come here, COST EFFECTIVELY, and LEARN from a top pro, the disciplines you wish to become extremely proficient at!

Because of the 'one-on-one' aspect, you and your group get to access my extensive outdoor knowledge at a very engaging level!
WHAT THESE COURSES ARE NOT!  Because I DO NOT double or multi book any given time or course, you WILL NOT be bunched in with others taking the same course at the same time! You Do get to interact with myself, personally!

ALSO new for 2012 are my audio Cds on a variety of topics including both open water fishing and ice fishing. Topics such as ( Open water) Walleye Fishing Inland Lakes: Walleye Fishing Rivers;

Walleye Fishing Precambrian Lakes: and a host of others....(Ice Fishing) Ice Fishing For Everyone ( set of 2 Cds):

Ice Fishing for Bluegill, Crappie & Perch: Ice Fishing for Walleye: Ice Fishing For Seniors...and a host of others...

Also new for 2012 – come to my neck-of-the-woods here on the North Shore of Georgian Bay for a variety of workshops – including ice fishing workshops! We have a clean & tidy campground here with access onto the Serpent River which flows into Georgian Bay ( approx a half mike away). So you can bring your own boat if you wish. They have RV hookup as well as tenting and cabins. There is also a small mom/pop Motel ( with Kitchenette Facilities of you wish) here for those not into camping.

Bring along your entire family – or fishin' buds and learn while on your holidays. My prices are reasonable, and I'll tailor a workshop to your schedule on most fishing and ice fishing subjects. Email me for pricing of my various workshops and details as well as any other questions you may have.

We also have superb ATV trails here, and a wonderful night sky-scape – campfire smoke – a true northern experience...John A. Vance


 I am now offering AS AN OPTION (only), priority shipping on orders!
This gets your order to you in UNDER 5 working days
Look for these options on the product pages and they will (if desired, and chosen) be added to your order at check out.

     My extensive 40 year - as a "pro" career 'outdoors-man' and my formal education make me an 'expert in my field' - a 'pro's pro, if you will!  Few others can offer such credulity in the 'outdoors' field ANYWHERE, bar none!ALL of my written works and audio Cds offer you the opportunity to contact me for trouble shooting - and for free! This is because I'm a grassroots writer, not a glossy or "industry driven" writer. 

(Prices throughout this site are US funds in all cases)

     Once you've placed an order PayPal notifies me of your order. They( at PayPal) swear that this system is infallible - but for sure - it ain't! What you need to know is - that after you've sent an order - within a day or so (up to a max of three days if I'm off on a fishin' trip),  in the VAST majority of cases I'LL  RESPOND (personally, and with my thanks)  to your originating email address with a PERSONAL note/verification of receiving your order - and when it'll be shipped (most orders ship out within one business day of when your order is purchased!). If you haven't received this personal verification notice - please email me asap - so I can get onto it!

Please be sure that you don't have a FIREWALL program
or a ANTI-SPAM program that will see my email as spam mail. 
Sometimes I'll respond to your emails but get an "undeliverable message"
and you won't know that I got your email or order! 

NOTE: To Credit Card users, or those new to 'on-line' purchasing and who may be a bit 'leery'!
     The reason that a vendor such as myself use PayPal is because they have and keep up on technology - secure technology that a small website like mine could not offer on my own.  By using PayPal, you have the foremost technology for your secure purchases. Once you 'click' on the PayPal button you are taken to an encrypted site - I don't see ANY of the CREDIT CARD info you give - and PayPal will prompt you to use either a PayPal account - or if you don't have one you can either open one( PayPal account) OR you can SIMPLY use your credit card!  So all you have to do is keep on with the procedure - lots do.
If you have a problem - let me know about it, please! - John A. Vance

YES I DO - Often I'm asked ( thankfully) if organizations and clubs can use 'pieces' of my work in their local bulletins to club members - and yes - most often I give the permission - for free -

     Despite being a 'pro' and professional writer - with my experience and education, I'm regarded as an 'expert in the field' - a sort of "pros, pro" if you will, and these requests are common.  Very often I already have expanded 'write-ups' available, also at no charge - I've been writing  'professionally' for over forty years - non stop - so I have a lot of write ups on a whole variety of hunting/fishing/environmental topics.  But ALL of my material IS copyrighted - so you DO NEED TO ASK - please - you just may be pleasantly surprised when you do!

     I moved (in 2001) to northern Ontario, along Georgian Bay's north shore -(just south of Elliot Lake, but on hwy 17, at a small place named Spragge)- where hunting/fishing/camping and nearly 'anything outdoors' is a major go! If you'd like to come to my neck-of-the-woods for some hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, ATVing, canoeing, camping, remote camping, etc., etc.,
- email me - I can/will help you as much as I can! - John


     NOT ONLY THAT - Any religion or race, and with absolutely no sexual discrimination;  Indeed, while I'm a Christian, I'm an open minded and non-judgemental Christian, and I'm pleased to have all other faiths come to this page.  I'm very much aware that many relatively recent 'immigrants' to North America just don't have the same 'outdoor heritage' values that some of us with 'earlier immigrant' forefathers have had - and your need to learn much of the knowledge that many of us take for granted.

  I'm also pleased to have gay folk visit, and I welcome you here; 'open' or 'in the closet', no problem, I want to be especially receptive and respectful - just email me and see for yourself!

And the biggest smiles of all, are when I get mail from a single mom, trying her best to give her young "lad or lassie" some experience in any of our outdoor heritage pursuits - as they struggle to do so in a predominantly 'male' perceived field!  Expect all the help I can muster and give you - and with my accolade and applause for YOUR dedication - for YOU & your young progeny - my 'hat's off' to you!

      DOG PICTURES on this site! Yup - I'm a 'dog person' too, and proud of it! The black lab in some of the pictures on this site are of Shadow-Black Vance - when he was younger, and in his prime.  Sad-to-say, I went through the extreme heartbreak of losing Shadow - to old age (2 weeks shy of 14)- mercifully/quickly though, in the early fall of 2005, after a full and wonderful retirement 'package' of over three years - with me, and right to the very end!  Shadow was truly my best friend and huntin'/fishin' bud - no question - we came through thick/thin, good times and extremely bad - and enjoyed each other right until he died of old age.   Shadow was truly a gift from GOD - and was my third lab.

A POSITIVE UPDATE to the above sad tale of Shadow's passing....

My FOURTH lab. 'Lupe' is now in 2012 -  six years old, and he/I too, hunt/fish together and you'll see pics now 'showing up' on my web! As I've mentioned earlier, when you come here to my area to take any of the workshops I'm offering, you'll meet Lupe & me too, of course!

Please 'bookmark' this page for future reference! Most of the items found here are simply not available anywhere else in the whole wide world!

John A. Vance, Environmental Eng. Tech.,
& Outdoor Writer: (Member: Outdoor Writers of Canada, et al)

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