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Welcome to my "Odds and Ends" page, this is a collection of items that don't seem to fit well in other areas of my home page. But there is much information here, bookmark now, and return often to see what we've expanded into, and updated for you. 
Wild Elderberries
Photo: wild elderberries, these 'freebies' make excellent jam - and pies!

Flying Squirrel
Photo: This little 'critter' is a flying squirrel, as found in the wild, just one of the interesting items found in the 'Odds & Ends' section of this home page!

 Much of the information here is good solid, sound knowledge, gained from a whole lifetime of outdoor pursuit - it's the basic info you need to know to get you started. More in-depth info can also be had from the various 'pro' write-ups that I offer for sale in my 'products section'. If you've enjoyed this page, and if you wish further more complete information, please help me make my living, and support me and this page by purchasing these written wares mentioned above. AND ENJOY!

Author: John A. Vance
Copyright © 1998 John A. Vance. . . 
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