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Updated 2012!


By John A. Vance, Environmental Eng. Tech., & Outdoor Writer - Member - Outdoor Writers of Canada, et al. This is copyrighted material. For permission to reuse anything here, please contact me!
Also, please do surf out my new Northern Ontario section - even more in-depth hunting and fishing info, exclusive to that part of North America!

 I don't think there are a more dedicated group of hunters than waterfowlers! 

Indeed perhaps most importantly (and impressively), they are leaders in wildlife conservation, and participate within this concept wholeheartedly.  They are quick to volunteer their time, which is often very valuable time, AND - they contribute MILLIONS OF DOLLARS - ANNUALLY - to be sure that their fowlish friends are cared for. 

As well, we are a tough lot. Who else can sit, hunkered down in often sad and inhumane postures, through torrential rainfall, or savage and intense incessant winds/blowing snow/sleet, AND THINK ITS -FUN FUN FUN! 

AND - who else visits the marsh during most seasons of the year - and sees - and enjoys- all of it's wild denizens - their sounds - their smells - their activities - and needs - then responds to them with humane compassion. 

We as waterfowlers are part of this rich wild heritage, and participate as part of the whole wetland scene, AS participants.

True, we are, some of the time -  partners within our predator/prey relationship - but as humans - and in a humane way - and using our human thinking\reasoning, caring/compassionate methodology WITH COMPUNCTION!  WE NEED TO be sure that our prey and non-prey partners in this life quest are also perpetual benefactors in this 'sustainable' partnership. 

People are the only predators with a conscience! This is truly a win - win - win situation. 

  • The waterfowl wins 

  • all other wetlands creatures win 

  • and people win - because we not only receive the enjoyment from this precious natural resource perpetually, but the whole of people-kind benefit from the conservation exercise where water holding, oxygen producing, and natural eco-systems are nurtured and held as pristine as possible.    I urge you to go to my new Northern Ontario section of this website. I have some pertinent info regarding dogs ( especially waterfowl dogs such as the retrievers) and potential hardships and hazards found in not just northern Ontario - but elsewhere in much of North America. 

Here on these waterfowl web pages is brief look at some of our wild brethren ... from a hunter's point of view. 

 ... lets get started with some wetland goodies ...simply click on the species you desire to learn more about - Enjoy! - John A. Vance!

2012 Update! New for 2012 are my audio Cds on a variety of outdoor & environmental topics including both open water fishing and ice fishing. These audio Cds allow you to learn easily, without reading books, and many folks become far more efficient by learning/listening to them when on the way to/from work! They are NOT fancy, just me talking to you as if you/I were sitting together and I'm giving you the detailed info you need as your fishin bud! Topics such as ( Open water) Walleye Fishing Inland Lakes: Walleye Fishing Rivers;

Walleye Fishing Precambrian Lakes: and a host of others....(Ice Fishing) Ice Fishing For Everyone ( set of 2 Cds):

Ice Fishing for Bluegill, Crappie & Perch: Ice Fishing for Walleye: Ice Fishing For Seniors...and a host of others...

Also new for 2012 – come to my neck-of-the-woods while on your summer holidays, and learn at advanced levels. Come here on the North Shore of Georgian Bay for a variety of outdoor and environmental oriented workshops – even including summer ice fishing workshops! We have a clean & tidy campground here with access onto the Serpent River which flows into Georgian Bay ( approx a half mike away). So you can bring your own boat if you wish. They have RV hookup as well as tenting and cabins. There is also a small mom/pop Motel ( with Kitchenette Facilities of you wish) here for those not into camping.

Bring along your entire family – or fishin' buds and learn while on your holidays. My prices are reasonable, and I'll tailor a workshop to your schedule on most fishing and ice fishing subjects.

Email me for pricing of my various workshops and details as well as any other questions you may have.

We also have superb ATV trails here, and a wonderful night sky-scape – campfire smoke – a true northern experience...John A. Vance

Author: John A. Vance
Copyright © 1998 John A. Vance. . . 

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