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Updated 2012

HUNTING Page - overview - important stuff, actually!

Welcome to my HUNTING opening page. Here you'll find an assortment of  hunting lore and knowledge. To be consistent with the rest of my web page, - let me INVITE  YOU to contact me with concerns or questions that you may have about any information - or especially if you wish further discussion upon what you see here on my various web pages. There's a LOT HERE for you. If you are an ardent hunter, I will have only wetted your appetite a bit - and why you may well need to send me an email with hopes of furthering your knowledge about our mutual sport. Now that I'm semi retired, I can take the time to respond to you - and would be happy to do so. As a grassroots writer, I like to stay in touch with my readership - like YOU! I'm here for YOU - send me an email and see!

Hunting in North America is part of our natural heritage, and for many of us- supplies a high quality source of excellent protein on our dinner tables. 

But hunting is much more than this, it is also a 'way of life' for many of us, and also contributes to our economy in a major and extremely significant way. Many guides, and all those people associated with the tourist industry, in addition to the manufacturers of ammunition, firearms, outdoor clothing etc. and their employee's benefit from hunting - and hunters! 


A happy and proud 'young' hunter, his dog- and a fine harvest of redheads, canvasback and mallard ducks. This lad was 16 at the time, and now is 48 - and is still hunting and enjoying part of North America's rich hunting heritage as a part of a sustainable program of conservation within our re-newable natural resources -  He's part of it - and proud of it!

In this HUNTING section of the 'Outdoors' page, you'll find much 'hands-on' hunting information, including "How To" hunt for the many various animals and birds. You'll also find much basic ( and relevant) biology about these various species, which is great for hunters to use to expand their own knowledge. This knowledge is also a valuable tool for those needing such information for school projects etc.  If you have requests or areas of interest not included, please drop me a line and inform me of your concerns - and I'll do my best to respond to you.

Update for 2012 – I now have made a number of audio Cds for sale on a number of outdoors related topics – all geared at teaching you about a topic. They are plain-jane in that they are NOT FANCY – just the pure knowledge you need/want to excell at our passtimes. Nor are they about me bragging about the game I take or the fish I catch – rather, they are in the first person – me in converstation 'as your bud', telling you what you need to know as if you were sitting right beside me and looking each other right in the eye! There is nothing else like these Cds anywhere else...

For a list of topics, pricing and availability, do email me – they are not posted to the web yet!

If you have ideas about topics you'd like to see, then I'd be appreciative to know what it it you'd like to see me discuss – perhaps if enough people have similar suggestions, I'll 'do up' a Cd or even possibly a DVD upon that subject, so please do send me your thoughts/feedback!

A Few Words on the Anti Hunting Movement!

You'll experience, intertwined within these various pages where appropriate, information about how so many of them- their selves- as predators - wrongfully prey upon people. Indeed, they too make big dollars from the hunting industry, but in a very  different concept, not at all in favor of the animals/birds/species they would wrongfully lead people to believe they are trying to protect. Here's ONE aspect of how they do it; They raise BILLIONS of dollars, ANNUALLY to further their cause. Most of these big bucks don't go into 'supposedly' helping the ( in their minds) the victims - but rather these dollars so many 'bleeding hearts' have sent to help the various causes go right into the ALREADY rich/famous people who have sweet 'executive' or 'directorship' type positions within the vocal organizations to which they belong. For the most part, the money or funds raised from these fund raising ventures are simply going right into these people's wallets! They have in some cases, hired or 'promote' those who 'endorse' that you send in those dollars! They often put these high profile people up/front and center - and get them to plead with you to send you dollars to 'the cause' - and they( as spokesperson) get a HIGH percentage of those dollars sent. Little - IF ANY of those dollars actually go towards the species they are purporting to help/protect. I can name you a whole bunch of them - but will leave this to you to figure out. Just know and realize, the next time you see/hear or a 'commercial' or info-mercial aimed at 'saving' something - or help protect something - and think for a second - just WHY that person is doing what he/she is doing. If  your answer comes back - 'it's about the $$', then that should tell you everything you need to know!

Throughout THIS 'Outdoors' home page, I'm trying to give you the ammunition - the 'bullets of knowledge' needed to educate those that have been subjected to the misinformation that these people use to ban hunting, fishing and trapping. Knowledge within our 'hunting and outdoors faction' is important, but just as importantly, we ( the 'outdoors' community) must also educate non hunters too, so that they while they may not hunt, THEY will respect us for what we do, rather than oppose us. 

And I need your support in this quest of education, to give you the needed information, so that you too can resist and dispel the mess that the anti faction promote and propagate. 

I NEED YOU TO SUPPORT ME BY PURCHASING MY WRITTEN WARES, Audio Cds, my books, my factsheets and hard products wherever you can. I need to make a living too, and so that I can afford to keep this home page operating. So please, visit my product section, and if there is a work here that you can use, support me by simply making a purchase.

Author: John A Vance
Copyright © 1998 /2012 John A Vance. . . 

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