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2012 Update – I now have audio CDs available on a host of outdoor topics – these are NOT entertainment as per se – but are knowledge based for ardent outdoors flok to use and learn from. As well, many of us don't like to read books, so these allow someone to listen/learn while in the car on the way to work – or wherever they wish. Contact me for more details on availability of titles/topics and pricing. I will also host summer holiday workshops for those wishing to learn at an intense level, and come here while on their holidays! Contact me for workshop subjects, pricing or more information...

 The pintail duck, like the mallard, is relatively large, and the drake has a long 'pin' tail. On mature birds, this pin tail may be up to ten inches long, but six inches long would be a better average. The female is more brownish in color than the drake, and is perhaps a bit more drab in color, and lacks the long 'pin' tail. The drake is a handsome bird, with a lot of white on the underside of the breast area. 

 Pintails are primarily a pacific & central flyway birds, with a few spilling occasionally into the other North American flyways, but in these other flyways they are a novelty, and much prized when taken by anyone lucky enough to harvest one. 

 Too, like the mallard, they are primarily grain eaters in the fall, and field shooting is often excellent. One can also shoot them in typical marsh settings, like mallards. They predominately nest and 'hang-out' in/on the western potholes of the prairie provinces/states of Canada/US. They are supreme as table fare and, like mallards and wood ducks, are mild flavored and offer superlative gastronomic eating!

Because I haven't extensively hunted pintails, I cannot give you a more detailed report about them. While I have shot - and guided people who have shot them, I'm certainly no expert on pintail ducks.
Please continue on with your surfing of my waterfowl section...John A. Vance

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