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The mallard is a relatively large duck, and is easily recognized by most. The drake (male) has a bright green head, and is the duck head that symbolizes the Ducks Unlimited Logo. The mallard is a puddle duck, and has a very extensive range across North America. The female, slightly smaller than the male, is a drab color, and is often confused with Black Duck(s) by novice hunters. The female mallard duck is a much lighter brown than the black duck, which is primarily a darker brown. (by the way, the female of the duck species is called a 'duck', whereas the male is called a 'drake' - most people slangily refer to collectively as ducks, but in essence, this would refer to a number of females of the species) 

 The mallard is, as ducks go, quite aggressive, especially in regards of breeding purposes and breeding ranges; this is one of the major reasons the black duck has seen drastic population declines in the past  years. As I do this update in August 2012, it would APPEAR that during the past couple of years that the black duck population, while suffering a decline over the past - must have bottomed out and leveled off. I can only hope so. The point being that I'm seeing more black ducks around than over the past decade or so when I originally wrote this article.

 The mallard is a very adaptable bird, with a great will to survive, and seems able to cope with people's encroachment, as well as adapt to person made wetland breeding areas. These birds are 'witty' enough to go to where water/food/shelter is, and have survived much loss of habitat by adapting to the above mentioned person enhanced wetlands. 

 The mallard is truly a creature of habit, and the description above on duck behavior is very representative/typical of the mallard, so I won't repeat this info. here. 

 The mallard too, is a relatively  'voiciferous' bird, and is responsible for most people associate with duck  'quacking', which is mallard language. Few other ducks 'quack' as per se, but are more like whistles, purrs, grunts and 'eeks'.

 Mallards respond well to the use of decoys and good calling, but learn quickly to use their ears and superlative sight - and WILL be much more selective after being fooled a couple of times, often soon after the opening of 'duck season'.

During migration, the more decoys you have, it seems the better your luck will be. Before the actual migration of the locally born/raised ducks, they can be duped with only several decoys. You might even get a second crack at them using a few more decoys after the initial volley - usually another day. It takes days to weeks for a flock of ducks to 'get over' being shot at - and they will be extremely wary IF they do start to use a 'hot spot' again.

2012 Update! New for 2012 are my audio Cds on a variety of topics including both open water fishing and ice fishing. Topics such as ( Open water) Walleye Fishing Inland Lakes: Walleye Fishing Rivers;

Walleye Fishing Precambrian Lakes: and a host of others....(Ice Fishing) Ice Fishing For Everyone ( set of 2 Cds):

Ice Fishing for Bluegill, Crappie & Perch: Ice Fishing for Walleye: Ice Fishing For Seniors...and a host of others...

Also new for 2012 – come to my neck-of-the-woods here on the North Shore of Georgian Bay for a variety of workshops – including ice fishing workshops! We have a clean & tidy campground here with access onto the Serpent River which flows into Georgian Bay ( approx a half mike away). So you can bring your own boat if you wish. They have RV hookup as well as tenting and cabins. There is also a small mom/pop Motel ( with Kitchenette Facilities of you wish) here for those not into camping.

Bring along your entire family – or fishin' buds and learn while on your holidays. My prices are reasonable, and I'll tailor a workshop to your schedule on most fishing and ice fishing subjects. Email me for pricing of my various workshops and details as well as any other questions you may have.

We also have superb ATV trails here, and a wonderful night sky-scape – campfire smoke – a true northern experience...John A. Vance

I hope you have enjoyed this write up/essay. If you have questions, then do contact me - now that I'm semi retired, I invite your feedback and questions - it's what I do now.
Please do surf my products section of my web site - and help ME earn my living - by purchasing any of my EXCLUSIVE products.

Author: John A. Vance
Copyright © 1998 John A. Vance. . . 

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