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Updated Dec/2003/Jan/2004

Much information is provided for both novice and accomplished fisher-folk alike. As well, you'll find simple non-rocket science "How To" write-ups and basic fishing strategies for walleye, perch, CRAPPIE, bluegills and more! Be sure to take a look at the new ICE FISHING SECTION in the blue side bar - lots of 'how to' info there too! 

More people in North America own fishing rods/equipment than those that own golf clubs.  Fishing can be done alone, or as a 'bunch of buds' getting it together, and/or the best of all - clean wholesome FAMILY FUN - for everyone!Fishing is FUN

The photo is slightly out of focus on the right, but it's one of those priceless pictures of an exuberant 'young' fisherman.  As a pro fisherman I have hundreds of photos to choose from - but this one - say's it all!

As sportsmen, we need to realize that people fish for different reasons - some fish to relax, others for the pure enjoyment of it, still others enjoy 'contention' and often end up in various fishing tournaments and derbies. We need to respect each other's needs - and to be considerate of each other - and work together to 'conserve' our re-newable natural resources!

Let me take this opportunity to thank-you for visiting my web site, and invite you to surf out the many offerings and potential learning opportunities there are here for all fishing buffs! The knowledge here is from my 35 year as a pro Outdoor Writer and savvy gleaned and accumulated as a Guide - and I've enjoyed every second of it! 

Too, I  have and offer even more write-ups on various hunting and fishing subjects for clubs and organizations that have newsletters - to use - for free! For use of any of these items, please write me for permission as all of the work here, including photos are original and copyrighted. As well, I offer my various 'outdoor products' - not found anywhere else - for sale to clubs for their fundraisers,  if you are a club executive, please write me for details.

And you'll see me throughout my works here, and in ALL of my published books - say 'good things' about the backbone of our industry - the small bait and tackle and gun shops across North America!  We all need 'em to survive - we need to patronize them! If you're the owner of one of these shops and would like to carry any of my 'unique' and 'pro' items found in my products section - I invite you to also e-mail me for special pricing - we're all in this together!

Please do though, at some point during your visit, whoever, and wherever you are, take a look at my 'products' section - I need to make a living too! 

Thanks - and ENJOY my site!
John A. Vance, Environmental Eng. Tech.,
& Outdoor Writer (member Outdoor Writers of Canada) 


Author: John A. Vance
Copyright © 1998 John A. Vance. . . 
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