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Here you'll find useful information about various items which I use as a 'Pro'. This information may be valuable for outdoors folk to review before making purchases of various products. In my 35+ years as a professional, I've learned that 'you get what you pay for'. Indeed, 'cheap' is often cheap when it comes to outdoor equipment. The information here, it is hoped, will help you 'do your homework' and help you decide what products you may ultimately purchase. 

In all cases here, the companies HAVE NOT PAID to have their items 'field tested', so this leaves me free to be totally 'objective' in these reports. If an item is good, I'll tell you, but rest assured that if an item is inferior - I'll tell you of this also. In some cases where the field testing also included data collection and record keeping, the firm will have paid a nominal fee to help pay for the time needed to keep/complete the paperwork involved. 

I have a number of other items that I will post, as time goes by, so please bookmark, and come back often. As well, in the near future, I'll include a "NEW PRODUCTS" page, to preview new products coming onto the outdoor market. 

But for now, choose an item from the drop down menu in the blue index to the left of your screen  - and enjoy.

If you are a company wishing to submit a product for evaluation, or for the soon-to-be 'new products' page, please e-mail me for details.

If you enjoy this page, please support me, and visit my product section for a look at some of my 'written' wares.

Author: John A. Vance
Copyright © 1998 John A. Vance. . . 
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