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My feet sweat a lot, and consequently, get incredibly cold. Cold feet have plagued me since I was old enough to start enjoying the outdoors, and I've spent lots of $$ over the years on various boots, trying to keep my feet warm. 

Two years ago I purchased a pair of SOREL "MUDWALKERS", after consulting with a SOREL rep. about my needs. 

I do a lot of walking, and am continually using my Sorels from mid-October, right through till the mid-spring. This is on my trap-line, and when hunting raccoon, trapping fox, and ice fishing - a true test of these boots worth. In the past two years, I've walked OVER 300 MILES, and spent two complete ice fishing seasons out on various lakes and rivers. As you can see by the photo, this model of SOREL has big' knobby lug' style treads - which are excellent on even the hardest clay. They are also great on ice, especially if there is some snow/slush. Too, as you can see, the tread shows little wear - even after the grueling treatment I've put them through. Normally I'll go through a pair and a half of the old style 'felt pack' boots per year. These SOREL boots are likely going to make it for my third season - which when compared to other boots - IS GOING TO SAVE ME MONEY IN THE LONG RUN! 

Photo; as you can see, even after 300+ miles the tread is still fine, and the TheromPlus liner is also in excellent shape!

And my feet don't get cold either. Not only are these boots luxuriously comfortable, but they, using the patented ThermoPlus removable liners, have kept my feet warm and dry, even while ice fishing, often standing in 3 inches of slush, and in wickedly cold weather. 

And they are MUCH LIGHTER than the old 'felt pack' boot I used to wear. The soft rubber in these boots are a dream come true - the older 'clunkey' felt pack boots used to chafe my legs badly, and were very heavy. My sorels are light, and because of the soft rubber, allow for easy movement WITH my legs/feet, and don't chafe me. But this soft rubber is tough, and resists most of the rugged terrain I walk in - easily;  in the two seasons of use - NOT ONE PATCH. 

The white ThermoPlus liner is made of the new 'spun' plastic material, and have a sheet of reflective material in them, so that no heat escapes from the boot, keeping my feet warm. The liner also 'wicks' away any moisture from my feet, allowing them to stay dry - AND WARM! 

This material is also tough - you'll see in the photo how they look after 300+ miles - felt packs would have 'bit the dust' 3 or 4 pairs ago! 

The easiest and best way to put the boots on, and take them off is to take out the ThermoPlus liner, put them on your feet, and step back into the boots. To take them off, allow the liner to come out with your foot. You'll likely notice that the ThermoPlus liner feels damp/wet, this is likely from the perspiration from your foot, that the liner has wick'd away. I leave the liners outside of the boots overnight to dry before my next use the next day. I often have these boots on right from six AM in the morning, until I get home at night, usually around 8 PM. So yes, In the fall through the winter I NEARLY LIVE IN MY BOOTS - and like I said earlier - they're comfortable. 

All of the SOREL line of boots are temperature rated, so that you can choose the proper boot needed to keep your feet dry and warm. There are many models of SOREL boots to choose from, as our personal needs will vary. They have some models quite capable of withstanding intense cold of the arctic if you need them. 

I chose a full rubber model because in my trade, I'm often in or around water, and need to cross may streams and rivers. Also the rubber is needed for the slop and water around the hole while ice fishing. 

The point is - many models are available, so you can choose what is right for you. 

As a 'pro' hunter/trapper/guide I use these boots and put them through 'hell' and I'm in complete comfort doing so. 

Yes - I recommend (and use) SOREL footwear. 

The SOREL line of footwear is easily available. If your outdoor retailer doesn't 'stock' them, he/she can easily get them. Just be sure to do your homework though, and go through the 'product material' on each of the models available so that you choose the boots best suited for your needs. This info. is available through/from most outdoor/sports/boot shops. 

No I don't sell Sorels, or other types of footgear, as I'm an outdoor writer; but I do invite you to visit my product section of this home page for the many 'written works' offered there.and enjoy!

Author: John A. Vance
Copyright © 1998 John A. Vance. . . 
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