Have-a-Java Quiz 8 - Cellular Biochemistry:
1. A charged atom is called a(n):
    A) neutron
    B) proton
    C) ion
    D) isomer

2. A covalent bond occurs when 2 atoms:
    A) share electrons
    B) share protons
    C) share neutrons
    D) share ions

3. The bond between H and Cl in a HCl molecule is:
    A) ionic
    B) polar covalent
    C) non-polar covalent
    D) hydrogen

4. An ether bond or linkage forms when 2 ______ groups react.
    A) hydroxyl
    B) amino
    C) carboxyl
    D) ester

5. Acid + alcohol -----> __________ + ___________ ?
    A) amino + carboxyl
    B) acid + base
    C) salt + water
    D) ester + water

6. Enzymes increase:
    A) rate of a reaction
    B) activation energy
    C) time taken for a reaction
    D) none of the above

7. All enzymes are _______ molecules.
    A) carbohydrate
    B) lipid
    C) protein
    D) nucleic acid

8. Lactose is composed of:
    A) glucose and galactose
    B) glucose and fructose
    C) ribose and galactose
    D) fructose and maltose

9. CH3COOH is a(n):
    A) ketone
    B) ether
    C) amino acid
    D) carboxylic acid

10. R-NH2 is a(n):
    A) ketone
    B) ether
    C) amine
    D) carboxylic acid

11. The atomic number of Nitrogen is 7. How many electrons are in the second shell?
    A) 1
    B) 3
    C) 5
    D) 7

12. When placed in water, acids release _____ and bases release _______.
    A) H+, OH-
    B) H+, H2O
    C) Na+, O2-
    D) H2O, H+

13. All of the following are polymers except:
    A) glycogen
    B) starch
    C) protein
    D) monosaccharide

14. Glycerol + 3 fatty acids -----> __________ ?
    A) triglyceride
    B) cholesterol
    C) protein
    D) glycogen

15. Peptide bonds join _______ molecules together.
    A) monosaccharide
    B) amino acid
    C) nucleotide
    D) lipid