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We are patiently waiting for Greycin to go into heat so we can go to see her boyfriend - Storm in Michigan.  We will let everyone know when that happens.
Lucy just had her puppies.  This is an all yellow litter and will be her second last litter.  The father is Wingward's Stormin Jaxson.  A yellow lab from the Windsor area.  He is an all around awesome dog with both outstanding confirmation and temperment.  Jaxson is from field trial stock and I am sure these puppies will hunt with the best of them. 
Lucy's puppies have all gone to their new homes.  We will be hopefully having another litter in the summer around August.  We will keep you posted.  This time we will use Cue again.  A wonderful yellow lab from St. Catherine's.  He was the sire of Lucy's first litter and they were awesome puppies as well. 
I have more pictures of this litter and individual pictures of all puppies on the puppy page along with their new families!  They are growing so fast and doing awesome!!  Only 3 weeks left to go here and they will be off to their new homes! 

      Puppy Page
For more information about our puppies, please go to the  "New Puppy" page.
I will add more pictures of this litter soon!  Maybe a video, (if I can figure out that function)!!!!!
This is Storm:  Greycin's boyfriend.  Isn't he a handsome fellow!
These Lucy's puppies from previous litters.
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This is Lennon - one Lucy's puppies from the her first litter - Que is also his father.  He is now over a year old.  Isn't he a handsome lad!!!
See Puppy Page for more pictures!
aka:  BOOMER

On Monday, November 4, 2013, Boomer past away.  He was going down the stairs at my daughters house and when he hit the last step his front leg bone at the shoulder gave out and he suffered what they call a "pathological fracture".  The walls of his bones had become very thin and they just gave out due to the thinness of the bone and his size.  It could have happened at anytime.  They did not recommended fixing it due to his age and the condition of the reminder of the bone structure.  They thought that it would only happen again in another spot and just put him through a lot of unneccessary pain.  Unfortunately we had to make a terrible decision, one that is never easy to make. He is free of pain now and chasing bunnies through the grass with his mother Morgan.

 Boomer was a wonderful dog, extremely devoted to my daughter Jamie and for years travelled everywhere with her as she competed in her barrel racing.  He was a common sight on the show grounds and could be seen running along side the pen with her as she ran her race on her horse.  Everyone who ever met Boomer loved him.  He will be greatly missed. 
Buying a puppy is such a big decision and everyone who buying a puppy should read the information available on my website.  Whether you buy a puppy from a breeder or rescue one from the "pound" or another rescue agency is a very personal decision and you should not let anyone make you feel "guilty" one way or another.  Most reputable breeders are involved in some kind of "rescue" in one way or another within their own breed.  Most of them will at the very least take back any of their own puppies or dogs regardless of the age or condition of the animal, rather than have them go to a shelter.  Most breeders I know have you sign a contract that you actually must return the dog to them or asking permission before selling or giving the dog to someone else.  My contract states that, my dogs do not end up in shelters.  Before you let anyone "guilt" you into purchasing a dog you don't really want, read this article, then make an informed decision.  Rescuing an animal is of course a very nice thing to do, but it is not for everyone.  Yes they are very grateful, but a lot of them come with issues, and if you are first time animal owner, most people are not prepared for some of those issues.  But by all means if that is what you want to do, I would never interfere with someone wanting to rescue a animal, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a purebred dog (or cat), you know their pedigree, you get a guarantee regarding their health, you most likely get life long support from a person who has raised countless puppies, etc.  So read this article, then decide for yourself.

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