Morgan was one of our original females.  Her daddy was a Canadian Field Trial Champion and although Morgan herself never competed, she was a great swimmer and retriever.  Morgan was an exceptionally gentle and calm labrador.  She loved to play fetch, it was her favourite game and we would have to hide the ball to make her stop.  She was also exceptionally healthy, she lived to be 17 years old.  Lucy is her granddaughter.  We miss her still
Just a few of Morgan's puppies,from many years ago!
Bricin Morgan's Hunter
a.k.a "Boomer"

Bricin Morgan's Ripley

Hickory was not from the same line as my other dogs.  She belong to an agility line that came from a good friends of mine who owned A-Paws Kennels.  In the early 1990's,  I bred to their fox red american labrador agility stud, this was Ripley's sire.  As a result I became very good friends with the owners, Ellie and Charlie Scott.  Ellie, helped me out with so many things I cannot even begin to tell you how much knowledge she passed on to me about breeding, health issues, training, etc.  When she became ill and pass away, it was a very big loss to the dog breeding world.  She left one of her breeding females to me to look after,  Hickory.  Hickory was very young  and had only had one litter at the time.  She fit into our family quite effortlessly.  We had several litters with Hickory and they were all wonderful puppies.  Unfortunately, the one puppy, Rogue, that I choose to continue her line, had some very unusual impedments to breeding so we were unable to continue Hickory's line.  It was a very sad day when I learned this, Hickory and Rogue were awesome dogs both in health and temperament.

Puppies, Dogs, and Miscellaneous Pictures
Boomer is Morgan's puppy and Tommy came from A-Paws Kennel.
Molly - Ripley's puppy
This is Birch - One of Cerro and Storm's puppies.
Penny - Cerro and Storm's Puppy
River - Cerro and Storm's  Puppy
Gauge - Lucy and Storm's Puppy
Jack - Lucy and Que's  Puppy
Carter - Lucy's brother.
Cooper - Ripley's brother, Lucy's Uncle.
Cooper and Carter
Puppies from Lucy and Que's first litter.