We are Daniel and Sharon.

We are the people behind Romantic Designs.

We live in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.


A little about Sharon

My background is Irish / Canadian so it is natural that I have always been intrigued by faeries and their folklore. As any artist, in the beginning I struggled with the concept of what I wanted to create and how to go about it. Getting the faeries to have an appearance of softness both mythical and realistic took time and I am still learning. I tried other medium but found Fimo and Sculpy to be the best for the look I wanted to achieve. I chose not to make them anatomically correct but left enough for imagination. Most of my faeries are scantily dressed because that is how I perceive them. Their homes are 8-inch glass globes filled with ground covers, which are a combination of many things including (of course) faerie dust. One of the biggest inspirations for my faeries has been the author, Brian Froud. I enjoy his books and feel that he has captured the spirit of the faerie, which I want to create. Each of my faeries is made as a unique individual so as not to be duplicated. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

A little about Dan

My background is French / Canadian and as long as I can remember I have been drawing. Down through the years I worked with oils, watercolours, ink, and pastels and it was only natural that I would get hooked on Digital art. I am a member of several Arts Forum. My inspiration is usually derived from music. Sharon and I both appreciate the relaxing effects of music from classical to new age or Celtic. At present, my interest is 3D and animation. Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Painter, Bryce 3D, Softimage XSI and Mudbox are just a few of the programs that I particularly like to work with. The potential of some of these programs are truly amazing. I am an avid book reader and singly keep CHAPTERS in business. When Sharon attends her Celtic and Medieval Festivals, I accompany her. While she is busy with her Head Garlands, I can usually be found close by demonstrating Celtic Ink Drawing.

As you can see we are an active couple.... No rest for the wicked!!!!!




  • St. Thomas Chrismas Parade 2008 - Best Theme Float (Chrismas under the Sea with Ariel)
  • Maple Leaf Doll Club 27th Annual Show - The Helen Wolfe Award for customer services - congeniallity 2008
  • Maple Leaf Doll Club 26th Annual Show - Mary Phillips Memorial Award 2007 Best Display award
  • St. Thomas-Elgin Artists' Guild 'Twas the ART before Chrismas - Peer's Choice Awards 2008, 3rd Place (Waiting for the Train)
  • World of Froud - Artist of the month January 2003
Sharon and Dan's Medieval Wedding