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Here is a picture of one of our students: Barb Humphries, with her finished hand sculpted Faerie. In our Polymer Clay Faerie Workshop, students learn to sculpt by hand and design costumes without the use of molds or patterns. Each finished sculpture is truly a One-Of-A- Kind piece of Art.

Sculpting a Polymer Clay Faerie

Barbara with her work
The Faerie in close-up
Grace's Faerie
The Faerie in close-up
Laura's Faerie
The Faerie in close-up


Here are some of our students working in a recent Powertex Class - Making an Outdoor Sculpture.

At the end of the 'workshop pictures' are the students finished Sculptures.


Class 3 - Husband and Wife hard a work
Class 3 - Wrapping our Armatures
Class 3 - Everyone Stand Up
Class 3 - Everyone sit down
Class 3 - And the most inportant .... save your shoes!
Class 4 - Armatures
Class 4 - Down and Dirty
Class 4 - Touch ups before painting
Class 4 - And we let it dry!
Spring 2012 - The Powertex Mermaid
Spring 2012 - Mother and Child Mermaid -
Spring 2012 - Highlighting the mermaid tail
Spring 2012 - Attention to detail is everything

Spring 2012 - Our classes are popular with both men and women

Spring 2012 - No two mermaids look alike
Spring 2012 - Choosing the fabric
Spring 2012 - seaweed
Spring 2012 - Positioning the tail
Spring 2012 - Down and Dirty
Spring 2012 - Powertex Mermaid
The Sirens of Romantic Designs Artist Studio




Our student's work.