The Return of Bob and Doug McKenzie
Bob and Doug McKenzie March 27, 2003 @2:32pm EST

An article appeared earlier this month on CANOE about Dave Thomas's newest movie project, Whitecoats. But more importantly, in the last few paragraphs Dave discusses the return of Bob and Doug McKenzie.

"I lost $1.5 million US of my own money trying to launch [Home Brew] last time around," said Dave Thomas (aka Doug McKenzie), indicating that the planned sequel to 1983's Strange Brew will not be made. However, Bob and Doug are returning in an animated TV series, The Animated Adventures of Bob and Doug McKenzie, hinted at in a short trailer on the recently released Strange Brew DVD.

Sony Pictures has already offered Dave a development deal, but he wants his creation to remain on this side of the Canadian border: "they were created here, I think they should be financed and produced here." The CBC has also expressed interest, and Dave hopes that the show can be produced and shown in Canada and then shipped south to the US (similar to the situation for The Red Green Show, which is also produced and shown on the CBC then shown on PBS in the US).

We're going to make sure it's written like The Simpsons. I want it to be really smart writing... We should do a really hot, well-written, well-animated show, then ship it south and sell it to the US, rather than the other way around.

In the trailer for the Animated Adventures, garbage collectors Bob and Doug introduce themselves, their friends, and their hangouts in the Canadian border town Borderton. The plot of the series is at least partially based upon the plot of Home Brew, where Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas were to reprise their roles as Bob and Doug, this time as garbage collectors who decide to start brewing beer in their basement. Dave will be providing the voice of Doug McKenzie, and it seems likely that Rick will be returning as the voice of Bob McKenzie.

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