Bob and Doug Scrambling for Cash
Bob and Doug McKenzie July 22, 1999 @7:36pm EDT

Shooting of the McKenzie brothers movie sequel, Home Brew, has been delayed indefinitely after a financing deal set up by the company founded by actor Dave Thomas fell through.

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From today's Financial Post (of Toronto):



Brenda Bouw
Financial Post

Shooting of the McKenzie brothers movie sequel, Home Brew, has been
delayed indefinitely after a financing deal set up by the company
founded by actor Dave Thomas -- a.k.a. Doug McKenzie -- fell through.

Home Brew, a $15-million (US) sequel to the 1983 cult classic Strange
Brew, written by Rick Moranis -- Bob McKenzie -- and Mr. Thomas, was
to begin filming in Toronto this week. It was scheduled for release in
theatres early in the New Year. But a financing deal arranged between
Maple Palm Productions, a movie company founded in 1997 by Mr. Thomas,
and Toronto-based MEG Media Group, fell through late last week,
causing cast and crew to postpone plans until a new deal can be

Sources say part of the financing involving insurance on the deal was
not carried out.

Maple Palm refused to comment on the financing troubles yesterday.

Mr. Thomas, who was in Toronto last week finishing the script for the
film, has returned to his office in Santa Monica to try to work out a
new deal. He is said to be devastated by the delay.

Iliana Arapis, a spokesperson for MEG, said the two sides are still
talking about working out a deal that could put the film back on

"It is still in negotiations at this time. The industry is so
haphazard, it changes from moment to moment," Ms. Arapis said. "We
cannot confirm the details of the production schedule until these
discussions have concluded."
Earlier this month, MEG Media Group signed a $50-million (all figures
in U.S. dollars) deal with Maple Palm to finance up to eight films
ranging in price from $4-million to $15-million. Both MEG and Maple
Palm would have a 50% ownership stake in the productions. Funding for
the films was to come from U.S. banks, private equity raised through a
merchant bank and venture capital funds.

Home Brew was to be the first film produced under the deal, followed
by Out of Order.

"We are quite pleased to align ourselves with an equity partner that
allows us to essentially green-light our own films," Mr. Thomas told
The Hollywood Reporter.
As of late yesterday it was unclear whether Maple Palm and MEG could
salvage the financing deal, or if a new investor would have to be
found to complete Home Brew.
Maple Palm is said to have been in talks with Labatt Brewing Co. and
other companies to help market the film to its keenly interested
Canadian audience.

MEG has been involved in Canadian film financing and production since
1997, including such productions as the TV series Daring and Grace and
the animation series Monster by Mistake.

Sources say Home Brew will not be cancelled and when the film is
finished it will again star Messrs. Thomas and Moranis in the roles of
beer-guzzling Canadian brothers. The plot involves the McKenzies
believing Bob's home-made beer is good enough to start their own
brewery and is meant to poke fun at get-rich-quick schemes started by
entrepreneurs seeking the success of such investors as Warren Buffet.


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