We are Shiloh and Spirit

Kyon's Sharp Shiloh
Ambercroft's Spirit of Bailey 

We live in Windsor, Canada

Welcome to our web page

Shiloh, that's me on the left, will be your host today

Hi, I'm Shiloh
Wow!  Look at me, Mom is gonna kill me

I'm trying to learn from my predecessor, Bailey
She is at the Bridge now watching us

"Shiloh, The Queen"
Just Ask Me

I just love the water
Come on Mom, Throw Something!

Wow Look at me go! Whee

Then to make life more fun for me, Mom and Dad got me Spirit.
I am teaching her really well! 

Oh look at me, I'm Spirit and
I'm as cute as a button


Spirit thinks she's the Queen now!   NOT

She loves snow .....Burrrrrr


I don't mind it too much,
just don't like those snowballs on my feet




I know I can beat her!
I Know I can!!



Young Show Off! 
Who said, "Cookie!!!"

And when all the fun is over
It's time to rest
And Dream of more coming adventures


Link to Bailey at the Bridge